I need help w/ making an Invitational


I am from team 5, and we kicked this idea around. Why not have an invitational? No, I haven’t contacted any place to hold it, but I am going to try to hold it at our school, and get more involvment from our town after our little argument. I would like to know where to start, how to best plan, and just some major insight on how to run it. E-Mail me at Redwingvksm@msn.com for your advice!! Please, i would like to get it up and running this summer!!!

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E-Mail - Redwingvksm@msn.com

AIM - Redwingvksm

I’ll help out.

Being the semi-official scorekeeper for any MI invitational, I’ll throw my hat into this one as well…if you have any questions regarding event setup or logistics, e-mail or IM me and I’ll see what I can do…

where is your school? if its anywhere near long island my team can help out

They’re in Michigan - but Smithtown was very tentatively looking into arranging a Long Island Competition for the fall.

Things aren’t terribly far along, but we’d be looking for participation from as many Long Island teams as possible, in a unique fund-raising sort of way.

oh smithtown yay! you can count my team in. my aim is zerofivenataku and you can talk to me about any ideas you might have as to how to fund it and run it, and i can help you out

OK, first off, we need to get some feild peices. We need 1, mabye both, booths for the human players. We have 1, but it is made of plywood and 1 pvc pipe at the top to simulate the top of the glass. 2nd, we have carpet, that won’t be a problem. 3, controls. I was warned it costs $5,000 just to rent, FIRST wants their money if u break it. This may be a problem. I need to know how many teams are willing to join up in this comp, at say, $300/team. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRICE, I just want to know how many will join at this rate, and is it a good rate. Thx all!!