I need help with info on scholarships badly

i know this prbably is not the right place to post this, but i dont know to much about moving around the site, but i really need some guidance on what i should do and some like help with scholarship’s i mean i have yet to take my act and i graduate in may,
i dont know what i can do. so if anyone has any advice please help me

My advice would be to go talk to your school’s guidance counselors. I’m guessing that you’d be interested in any scholarships, and they should be able to help you out.

Taking the ACT in April would also be a very good idea, unless you’ve taken the SAT. Most schools that I’ve looked at will accept either one; the ACT is preferred by Michigan colleges, however.

look on the usfirst.org website and clik the scholarship button you should get some info there.

I didn’t break it!

And if you’re too lazy to search on FIRST’s website for the information it can be found here: