I need help with the camera

How do I test out the camera on the PC, I saw the program on that one post where you cant see the image really clear but i dont know where to get that program. Please help…

     :ahh: Me too plz help :confused:

The software, instructions, and the default program for it can be found here

I have that, But, How do i run it. Sorry, I am new

install the java runtime and then from the command line java -jar <camera file name>.jar

Ok. What you need to do is first download the Camera program from the link provided, or go to www.ifirobotics.com and find the camera. It will be in a .ZIP file so be sure to have WinZip or equivalent. Now, unzip that into a directory. Go to www.java.com and in the upper right hand corner click the Download Now button. This will install the latest Java Runtime Environment. When it is complete, go to the directory you unzipped the files to, and double click on the icon that looks like a Wordpad Document (not text file). This will load the GUI. In order to properly use it, connect the camera via Serial, and provide it power from the PWM via a Robovation controller or your robot controller. Don’t worry, you do not need to give the PWM power, it gets its power without any commands or a program being put on the controller. Now you have a working camera :smiley: The only thing to watch out for is a low battery. If your battery is getting weak, you will get vertical lines in the picture. In that case, charge/replace the battery, and you will be good to go.

Hope this helped.

I have hooked the camera up to my PC’s serial port and a PWM cable to last year’s RC. The power LED’s don’t light up on my camera and I get no picture in CMUCam2. I made sure the power switch was on… I don’t think the camera is broken, anyone have a similar problem or think they know what I’m doing wrong?


You have a fully charged 7.2v backup battery connected to the RC? That’s where the camera power comes from, not from the 12v source.