I need Help!

Have any other teams had to buy liability insurance for the build session? How should we go about it? I afraid my old veteran team might bite the dust if we don’t figure something out…:frowning:

Could you elaborate on this and give a little more info as to what you mean… I think I have an idea but I just want to make sure before I give you some wrong information…

GO 1403!!!

My team is getting space at a local school, and we need to purchase liability insurance for $1m to be allowed there.

Try the boy scouts. Our school’s snowboarding team buys liability through them. At a reasonable rate too.


Well. If you can get a waiver set up with the school, where the students basically sign their rights away, that would eliminate the need for insurance. It is legal in Michigan. I don’t know about the rest of the states. That’s what we are doing. The form basically says that the students have to have life ensurance, and will be using their own insurance in the event of an emergency, and the school / university will not be held responsisble. Yada yada yada.

Might try asking your school about that.

Our robot club is a school activity and is covered by the school districts policy. There are allot of rules and procedure to follow to be covered. Going out and buying coverage from an insurance broker is a long and complicated process. Our high power rocket club took 6 months to go thru the underwriting process. The premiums will bust your budget. Scouts have the venture program and another one. Anybody can start one. I think 3 adults have to sign on. It’s probably your only hope to do something fast and cheap for 2005. Contact your local boy scout council.