I need some help with any info pertaining to a t-shirt cannon

Any and all to do with code in java, as well as possible schematics to make it like a gatling gun, or anything with the pnuematics, we are bad at pnuematics.

That$@#question is pretty open-ended. Can you be more specific about what you’re looking for?

We are looking to make a t-shirt cannon to fundraise, and we need advice since we are new to handling compression/pnuematics. We also need some help understanding how to code such a t-shirt cannon. We want to make one like 254.

Build season probably isn’t the best time to do this? :]

Never built one so I can’t help you with the code, but are you sure the build season is the right time to be doing this? These are always off-season projects

If you do an advanced search and look for threads with cannon in the title, the first dozen or more are all about T-shirt cannons, and probably a bunch more down the line. Reading them should at least get you to where you have specific questions.

I would expect any code to be very similar to a standard FRC robot, so just look at WPILib stuff ::rtm:: . Actuating the pneumatics will probably not use a standard FRC solenoid, but the difficult part of that is more on the design/ electrical end. I’ll forward along this post to some of our members that were looking into building one too.

We aren’t in build season for our team. Someone at our district office messed up our grant and this is our second year and we don’t have enough money built up. We are trying to fundraise for all eventualities next year. Thank you all