I need some help

I was just going through some old stuff I had on my computer and I was thinking about the old games I used to play a lot, and one came up from waaaay back when I didn’t really know what the Internet was. I played this game when I first got a “good” computer–a Pentium III @ 450Mhz with a 10GB hard drive and the new Windows 98. I remember that when we cought the computer, there were all these neat little things already installed, like a demo for a card creator (Wow!), and other stuff like that. One program that I did like, though, was a game almost identical to the one found here. The play was exactly the same, though a little more polished.
I can remember the background looked like a stone, but it was meant to simulate sand on a playground, and there were sounds of kids in the background. The play was the same, with marbles set out like they are in Marble Crazy. I could settle for this version, but I loved the music in whatever the other game was called. I’ve been scouring the internet for about 2 months looking for the name of this game, and I can’t find it.
The game was probably released in early to mid 1998, as that was about when we got the computer. If anyone remembers the name of this game, or even better, can tell me where to get a demo or a place to get my hands on a copy please tell me.


The original game was called Marble Madness, but at some point there was a battle over the name because Atari had a game in the 1980s called Marble Madness. So by 1998 the name was changed to Lose Your Marbles and was available in the Windows 98 Plus! Pack.


marbles are meant to be lost