I need some help

Is this site just about games. I do not understand sorry :frowning:

well, in a way…
while many of us play videogames, we are all a part of this forum because we’re all involved in a worldwide robotics competition. if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Probably about 95% of the people who surf the forums here participate in a International Robotics competition which is designed by a group called FIRST.

Each year, FIRST designs two seperate games in which teams from across the US and as far away as the UK, or Brazil compete in.

FIRST has two different competitions, one for Junior High School students using the LEGO Mindstorms kit called FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, and the second competition they oversee is the FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITIONwhich is the high school version of their game.

The two competitions are seperate from each other, but teams from each competition come together at the end of their season in Atlanta to compete at a Championship event at the Georgia Dome.

This forum is for mainly (but not limited to) participants in the High School version of the game.

For an even better explanation of FIRST and what it is all about, see the FIRST Wiki article on FIRST.

Oh, and did I mention that the competiton is very addicting? lol

Gosh, Roger, Max Lobovsky, and Elgin Clock are all rude people!! :mad:

But lucky me … let me be the first to officially welcome you into Chief Delphi and hopefully FIRST!! :slight_smile:

It is always great to see new people (I’m one myself)! And never feel bad about asking any questions in case you are lost or need some more information … also feel free to send me a PM if you deem necessary or IM – PinkBetty15 or e-mail me … [email protected] … which everone is fine, don’t hesitate at all!!

Anyway, if you are not a member of FIRST yet … then I encourage to look at the information in: http://www.usfirst.org/ !
It is truly amaizing, life-altaring, and worthwhile! And see if there is any FIRST team near you that you might be able to join and well … JOIN!!!

If you already ARE in a robotics group … then welcome to Chief Delphi (again :stuck_out_tongue: )!! This is a forum where people who share a common interest (robotics and FIRST) come together and have formed this huge world-wide community that implants, discusses, and shares everything from birthdays to how to program your robot successfully!!

** So if you have any more questions, like I said just contact me :wink: , I am more than willing to answer them or share any ideas!! **

No need for a meany face… lol I thought I had put a welcome in there somewhere.
Oh well… My bad…:o

And with that… Welcome the Forums MazieK.
We hope you enjoy your stay at Chiefdelphi.com and remember in the event of an emergency, put your seats and tray tables in the upright position and post a question… or something like that…:rolleyes:

Welcome to the forums MazieK. That has to be the coolest post I’ve ever seen, about it being about games.

To quote what other people have said, FIRST is absolutely fascinating. If you need a hand finding a team in your area, I’m sure somebody here would be happy to help.

I hope you get a chance to join, and it’d be great to meet you at a competition.

Once again, welcome to CD.

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well, if we’re all racing to see who welcomed whom first, there was the positive rep. point that i gave her with the message, “welcome to CD.com”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Comeon Elgin… tell the truth. This entire site is about playing word games in chitchat :wink:

Oh put how do you know that she actually saw that??? This is her post it make sense that she would look here first … I mean I didn’t see my points until a while after!! :slight_smile:

Argument Settled!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And anyway it doesn’t matter who did it first, we’re are all just glad that you are here – Maziek!! :smiley:

There is something for everyone in First. Writing, electronics, promotions, fund-raising, mechanics, pneumatics, programming, web design, animations, CAD, and computer graphics are just some of the feilds that I can think of that are needed in a team.

However, if you are interested in games:

::points to games forum::

</shameless plug>

Are you still with us MazieK?

Sorry some of us might… throw lots of info in at once. I guess it might be the rush that we get from F.I.R.S.T. and the rush we have to make our robots.

Anyway, welcome, come often, post and ask often!