I Need Your Help!

Hey guys, I’m a mentor with The Pink Team and I’m planning on testing some real-time analysis software for competition this coming weekend during the regionals, specificially the NASA/VCU regional on webcast. Our team isn’t going to be attending but we’ll be watching the webcast on Friday and Saturday. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to post the list of which teams are supposed to be playing in which matches online somewhere, either in a post on here or in an e-mail to me at [email protected], or wherever else you can think to put it online? Alternately, if you know of somewhere where it will already be accessible to webcast viewers, that would be just as useful, although so far I haven’t found anything more than just a list of what teams will be at the regional.

If someone who will be attending the NASA/VCU regional in VA, and has access to the printed match schedule, could put it online for me it would be of great service in the testing of my software and The Pink Team would be very appreciative of your help.

-Jared Huffman, The Pink Team #233

Hey I can help you out bro.


Click there and then click on a regional and then click on Team List and I think you will find what you were looking for.


I believe he is talking about the actual match list.

For example:

RED ------------------ BLUE

116 ------- VS -------- 122
222 ------------------- 384
1002 ------------------ 343

Thanks, but thats not quite what I was looking for. I guess I wasn’t really clear on what it is that I’m trying to find. I’m looking for a list of which teams play in which matches at the NASA/VCU regional, on that link it just has a list of which teams are attending the regional which I already found. For example, the list I’m looking for might say that team 233, team 118, team 79, team 21, team 1592, and team 1337 will be playing in match number 42 at approximately 3:14pm…or something along those lines (BTW, the times are not important for my purposes, I’m really just looking for the teams in each match). I don’t remember from past years if they said which alliance they would be on but I believe that might also be listed.

Thanks for trying though. :slight_smile:

Right, thanks, thats a lot more clear (was typing up other reply when you posted this one).

So, why exactly aren’t you working with the other scouts in the First Scouting Network ? Wouldn’t it be more… graciously professional and efficient to reduce redundancy and work together with all the other scouts, providing a valuable service to everyone as part of a group effort?

If you know PHP, they’re always accepting code contributions, or you can just explain your algorithm and if it hasn’t been approximately implemented already, I’m sure they’d jump at it.

I’ve never heard about that, thanks for informing me, I’ll look into it; but since I already have my own thing going I figure I might as well still test it and try it for this year and perhaps for next year I can work with those people on implementing some of my ideas.

Thanks again for the link, it looks very interesting! :slight_smile:

Does anyone happen to know if the NASA TV broadcast or the webcast will keep a stationary view of the whole field?(so it is easier to practice scouting since you need to count shots made on both goals). Just wondering…

And I’m still looking for a list of what teams are playing in what matches if anybody sees one sitting around on the internet somewhere or wants to put one up.


I could be wrong but in the past when i have seen web cast they have shown a stationary view, or that might have been our camera.

But about the matches on the internet I think they are only released on Thursday for Practice matches, asnd then again on Friday morning for both friday and saturday.

Jared, I am pretty sure that the NASA TV broadcast is just a broadcast of the video shown on the big screen at the regional. (not actually a broadcast of the big screen itself :rolleyes: ) But I could very well be mistaken. If that is true there will probably be more video of tipped robots and defense then of a stationary bot shooting.

Brandon, I believe that the web cast you may be thinking of is IRI or possibly another off season web cast. Those web casts are usually a from a camera on the scorers table.

Hope that helped,

Yes and no. They release the match list Friday morning, but only in a print form (to my knowledge). Your best bet would be to contact someone local in the morning and ask them to tell you over the phone or something. Wireless PDAs might work too. It’s either that or make your own as you go.

If they have a web cast sometimes they scroll up coming matches. Also sometimes on the events web site they post results list, but the list also includes up coming matches that have not scored yet.

Good call, now that I think about it you may be right, I’ll go look around today, hopefully I can get something for at least Saturday matches.


So I noticed that I can find the 2005 match results but the 2006 list of regionals is in an entirely different format than in the past and doesn’t have a link for match results. Does anyone know of a URL for the match results for 2006 or did they do away with those pages for this year? I tried a couple variations from the 2005 list of match results URL to try and find the 2006 one but none of the ones I tried were actual pages. Let me know if you find something.


Here is the link to the 2005 page for reference

Anyone have any of the high scores from any of the events from today?

A match list by team has been placed at: http://www.virginiafirst.org/webcast.shtml

It is not the one I would like to post, but the only one the scoring team could give me right now.

If I can get one that has the matches listed by match number I will post it.


BTW, high score of 99 so far.

Awesome! That does just fine.


btw, awesome on the 99 high score thing, I’ll be interested to see if my team can beat that at UCF in Florida. I’m fairly certain we can get 30 in autonomous, or average about 25 at least, but that still leaves a large portion to be earned during the match so we’ll see.

In case anyone else was looking for it, they finally put it up on the FIRST website at:
http://www2.usfirst.org/2006comp/Events/VA/matches.html, but there is nothing up at that URL yet except a blank page. Hopefully by Saturday morning it will be up so we can scout along with the NASA TV broadcast.

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s help in finding this stuff, I really appreciate it!

Also, standings and awards can be found when they are released at: