I really need some help with this CSS task.

go to http://mykill.no-ip.org (mykill = mike hill :slight_smile: )

I’m trying to get the “Start menu” to be at the bottom of the browser. Is this possible?

I know using 3 columns in CSS is next to impossible (but that’s actually done on my page) as well as stretching a background (which, on this page, isn’t TOTALLY done with CSS, but close).

to be at the bottom. does that mean right above the statusbar and not scrolling?

Hmmmm…it might be possible. could you show us the CSS code you’re using?

Take a look at http://tagsoup.com/-dev/null-/css/fixed/bottom/0-0-0 and http://tagsoup.com/-dev/null-/css/fixed/. You can probably get that to work for your page.