I-Search paper... suggestions appreciated

Hello everybody,

For my Composition class at college I have been assigned to do what is called an I-Search paper (page length varies from 10-20 pages, depending on topic) on any topic of my choosing. I have chosen to do what breaks down to an analysis of Web 2.0: how it works, the behind the scenes mechanics, etc. etc. Basically it should be a nice guide to anyone wanting to venture that direction after college (or even after high school).

Aside from a couple of interviews I have yet to set up (any suggestions on who to interview regarding this topic would be appreciated very very much, they can be done by phone or e-mail [or CD even]), I have to get a couple of sources of information regarding the topic.

For that latter requirement I am thinking about taking 2 to 4 different web 2.0 sites or applications and analyzing them top down. This analysis includes:

  • organizational structure/format
  • server management (how many, how are they structured, etc etc.)
  • Programming and GUI design
  • Fund-raising and fund utilization
  • lastly, the spark of intuition or inspiration that gets such an organization/application going
    Basically I want to take a site/application, and describe the insides of it and how it works like one would open a PC and do the same thing.

So far, I have been thinking about looking into Myspace, Wikipedia, Youtube, and Digg. My question is mainly which 2 or 3 of these or other sites/applications would be perfect for analysis in such a paper (in your opinion/judgement.)

Other suggestions would be fantastic. I have already made parts 1 and 2 which were the introduction and “What do I want to know” sections respectively. If you want to know more about the format of this type of paper, please click here.

Otherwise, that is pretty much it. Thanks!