I see team numbers everywhere



I always make a note when it’s 2:54. This is during my study hall, and I’ll sometimes send a message in the FRC discord saying it’s Cheeypoof O’ Clock (my little sister came up with it, and it’s so cute)


Some members of 5801 LOVE to write on their computer engineering teachers whiteboard everyday at 12:09. So I tend to see 1209 everywhere I go in the classroom.


On Wednesdays, we at 540 do Robotics from 4:00-7:00. When it’s 5:40, some of us sometimes note that it’s 5:40 or go tell others that it’s 5:40.


Just wondering, but why 12:09?


Team 254 is the only reason why I can remember how many cm are in an inch.


Last year was our first time traveling to Oklahoma. When 1209 (The RoboHornets) are announced the announcer says, “What time is it?” and the crowd responded 1209. Our students loved it and it has stuck through this year.


On the way to my baseball field, I always take exit 254 onto 27th Ave. W.
Never fails to make me smile.


I see 107 like on a highway exit sign or when the time is 1:07 and of course all I can think about after that is our team.


I take 148th St to my team’s workspace. Also, every day at 4:88 (aka 5:28) I make the XBot X. My family and classmates are sometimes confused.


When your team is clock themed, this stuff gets that much more amusing.


I have six published novels and dozens of short stories, all of which are just littered with FRC easter eggs. (My favorite might be the SPARX-1126 Exosuit.)


RIP we’re team 6135, the clock never shows our number… :cry:


11:08 comes twice a day, and upside down (almost) spells BOTT