Hi. Yesterday I was working on the inventor for our drive train, but we ran into a problem. One of the parts on the first cad library (i-sprocket.ipt) would not place right on the assembly. After I entered the parameters and tried to place it, Inventor gave me a long list of errors. Has anyone else had problems with this? Does anybody know how to fix it?


What Inventor are you using? It’s been okay for me in 5.

I am using inventor 6.


I-factory parts will “blow-up” if you happen to choose parameters that don’t make sense like a bore diameter thats larger than the OD of the sprocket. What parameters are you using ?

Chain pitch: 3/8 in
Number of teeth: 45ul
Bore diameter: 5/8 in
Hub diamater: 2.291 in
Key Width: 1/8 in
Hub: Compute
Keyway: Compute


It doesn’t work for me in 7 either.

I found the issue with I-Sprocket … :ahh:

It’s posted in the First Cad Library. I’ve tested it under Inventor 5 & 6. If a few of you could please test this part with Inventor 7 and get back with me I would appreciate it.

Big thanks to Daniel Wong for his assistance in tracking down the problem. :slight_smile:

PS. I’ve also posted the Grounding Terminal

Thanks Ed. It’s working for me now.