i thanked some people, so read this!!!!!!

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Student on team #1, The Juggernauts, from Oakland Technical Center-Northeast Campus and 3-Dimensional Services.

Posted on 4/27/2000 4:16 PM MST

Everyone keeps talking about all these special people that they met or hung around with at nationals. I have a few too.

I’ll start with the teachers and engineers-
Mr. Martus- You have a really great team filled with kids that have awesome spirit. I am glad to say that you and I are friends!

Joe J.- I have never seen an engineer do a silent cheer before. I am in awe of your enthusiasm.

Ken Patton and the folks from Huskie Brigade- What you did for the FIRST community (GMCIA) was outstanding. You guys are our brother team and we are all very proud of you. You have wonderful students who always come to see what Team One is up to- and most of the time we all hang out like close friends. You have made yourselves a wonderful robotics team.

Engineer Dave of 176- Your service to your students will never be forgotten in your community. Whenever I speak with your students (the wonderful kids they are!) Your name always seems to come up! I am glad to see that our teams can stay such good friends.

Nate (66)- Nate, you are not only a wonderful person but also a great friend of mine, and I know I always talk about you, it’s just that I am so proud of you hun. Thank you for always keeping updated and remember you are always welcome to come visit our team!
scooby snacks for life!

and all these wonderful kids…

Lora (T-69)- I hardly ever got to talk to you (which bummed me out bad) But you always understood. I wish we could have been at more regionals together! I miss you and hope we can hang out in the future!

Kate and Jon (from the Gompei Goat)-When you came looking for me, I thought you were so cool. No one else had hunted me down before you did! I loved hanging out with you guys at the team party! You must have wondered why the kids on my team were being so crazy!! Hope to see you again next year.

Cindy (CD5)- You are so very awesome. You always came and visted me when I was working in the pit. I am glad we are friends outside of FIRST!! :slight_smile:

Rob (108)- You rode a unicycle for me in front of hundreds of people, and for that I am thankful :slight_smile:

Andrea (65)- You sat right next to Mike and I as student reps at the nationals and we became friends. When our name was called to go on stage you stood up fast and gave us great big hugs. Such sincerity I have not seen in a long, long time and I hope that everyone in FIRST takes your outstanding examples of gracious professionalism. Whoa!

Anton (419)- You are nuts. I can’t believe you brought half of your team to my pit to make sure everyone had sweat bands! And I really can’t believe you actually held up that sign at the time of picking :slight_smile:
But it’s ok, I can forgive ya. You are a responsible mentor for your kids even though you are just a college student. You can be crazy with them but still let them know that there are limitations. You have an outstanding skill for leadership, and as a student leader myself, I respect that. Keep doing what you do and the RAMBOTS will one day get whatever they are aiming for :slight_smile:

Devin, Mike, and the wonderful guys from 188-
That was so wonderful how hard you worked for your team.
Yes yes, I am going to send those shirts out to you! I can’t believe you actually got gears from our 'bot. Hold on to them- they might be worth something someday :slight_smile:

Jack (126)- Thank you for giving me more Gael Force buttons than any fan could ever ask for. I thought it was so nice that you came over and checked on how we were doing often. Thanks for being there! Hope to see you again next year, I will be sporting my buttons proudly!

Everyone from Heat Wave- have any of you guys seen that many people wearing firefighter clothing for no real reason in that kindof heat? You guys were a shoo-in for the Juggernaut Team Spirit award- you guys are awesome!

I hope that next year I can have an even longer list!



Posted by Anton Abaya.

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

Posted on 4/28/2000 1:29 PM MST

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You’ve been a rookie’s dream come true! You’ve helped us a lot and have shared your experience so much! thanks!