I think my username may have been incorrectly migrated

My old CD username was AC@B and I kept my aka section blank. However now it has my username listed as AC1, and my ‘name’ as AC@B, not really sure how this happened and if I am interpreting this info correctly.

If this is just how the new profile structure works now then sorry for the wasted post, but otherwise I would rather like my old name back

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And having just made my first post on new CD, AC1 is showing up as my username. Strange…

Usernames can only include numbers, letters, dashes, and underscores. I can change it to something else, if you’d like. Let me know.

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I figured it was going to be something like that, if you could please change it to “AC-B” I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!


Awesome thanks!

I have a similar problem. Could my username be changed to cristian_porter?

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