I think this video is very relevant to FIRST Students; Advice to young scientists

E.O. Wilson: Advice to young scientists

I’m not disagreeing with you. The linked video contains a number of very powerful messages from a man I have a great deal of respect for. However, I’m not sure ALL of those messages are necessarily relevant to FIRST students, and I believe some of them may be misinterpreted.

So I’m curious. What particular messages do you feel are most relevant? Which ones struck you, in particular?


His message calling people to innovate and take the road less taken. " March away from the sound of the guns. Observe from a distance, but do not join the fray. Make a fray of your own." I believe the FIRST program was a result of this kind of mentality.

Also this principle: " It is important also to acquire older mentors within these successful programs, and to make friends and colleagues of your age for mutual support."

I agree that those are powerful, and meaningful messages worthy of being spread to every student (young and old). :slight_smile:

My other thoughts on the video here: