I want a version of the mplab compiler for Linux.

'nuff said

I’m the current maintainer of Linux stuff around here… You need:

  1. WINE
  2. MCC18 from Microchip – it runs under WINE
  3. IFI Makefile – see http://adambots-live.sourceforge.net/
  4. Picloader: http://sf.net/projects/ifi-picloader

I use WINE quite a bit and the software that was sent with the default kit wouldnt run. What is the differance between that and what you indicate?

[edit] Where do i get it? [/edit]

Install MCC18 using WINE, or copy from an existing Windows installation, over to /opt/mcc18. This is the path hardcoded into the makefile. Go to the appropriate Sourceforge project linked above, and download the latest ifi-makefile. You may have to browse CVS, as the latest version is awesome but not tested stable.

(Oldish thread warning)

What version(s) of WINE work with the MCC18 compiler? I have 20050725 and get

This happens when running mcc18, so it apparently starts up, then tries to launch mcc18-transitional, but some path translation is broken in the version of WINE I am running.

The version on the SF Adambots-live site is 2004something, and I’d really rather not go that far back… (Getting IE6 working under the current version was a pain; I can’t imagine trying it with something older.)

Oh, yeah, and what purpose do the "Z:"s before some of the paths in the Adambots-live Makefile server? I’m changing it so everything will be under my home directory. Sorry, don’t know a bunch about shell scriptiing/makefiles.

Ok, Three things:

(1) you should link mcc18-traditional to mcc18-traditional.exe using the command **ln -sf /opt/mcc18/bin/mcc18-traditional.exe /opt/mcc18/bin/mcc18-traditional. This procedure must be repeated for cpp18 and _mplink.

(2) Check out http://adambots.gotdns.com/adambots-2006/ifi_code/trunk/configure.py – Run “python configure.py” to auto-generate a Makefile within a project folder. Re-run after adding or removing files…

(3) Get the MCC wrapper scripts:

An RPM is available for RPM users; else just copy the three scripts to /usr/local/bin, making sure that they are chmodded +x**

Thanks! It works now.

Just as an FYI for others (although you’ll figure it out I’m sure): user_routines.c has an include for user_Serialdrv.h, but it’s actually named user_SerialDrv.h. Either rename the file or change the include statement. (I renamed, so it may have been in other places as well.)

Thank you guys sooo much! This really helped me out. Our school is a bunch of nazis that wont let us do anything on their computer and all I and the other programmers have are Linux machines. I just wish this was in gcc or microchip released a native linux version.

I believe I have the new compiler working… (I have yet to test the generated hex file, but I have no reason to believe it to be in error. However, you’ve been warned. ;))

  1. Install mcc18 compiler to /opt/mcc18.
  2. Do step 1 of jdong’s post. (above)
  3. Download the configure.py attached to this post. (I only changed the processor passed to MCC18. May not even be necessary, but just in case…)
  4. Do step 3 of jdong’s post.
  5. Edit /opt/mcc18/h/p18cxxx.h and put
#undef __18F8722
#define __18F8722

starting right after #define _P18CXXX_H

This fix/hack makes compiling for multiple processors difficult (have to change /opt/mcc18/h/p18cxxx.h), but hey… if you’re working on FIRST, you’re using a certain processor anyways.

configure.py.tgz (2.69 KB)

configure.py.tgz (2.69 KB)

Ryan, unfortunately I seem to be getting an error with the linker when I use your configure script. This is the output I get when I do “make” on the default code:

mplink /l\""/opt/mcc18/lib"\" \""18f8722.lkr"\"  \""Z:\home\lasindi\.wine\drive_c\first\default_code\\FRC_library.lib"\" /m\""FrcCode.map"\" /o\""FrcCode.cof"\"
        Microchip MPLINK Linker
        Version 0.0+SVN20050725
DEBUG:Using wine /opt/mcc18//bin/_mplink /l"/opt/mcc18/lib" "18f8722.lkr" "Z:\home\lasindi\.wine\drive_c\first\default_code\FRC_library.lib" /m"FrcCode.map" /o"FrcCode.cof"  to launch mplink
MPLINK 3.90, Linker

Copyright (c) 2004 Microchip Technology Inc.

Error - no input object files specified.

Errors    : 1

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/lasindi/bin/mplink", line 51, in ?
    raise Exception,"Link Failed"
Exception: Link Failed
make: *** [FrcCode.hex] Error 1

Is there something I need to change in the makefile or configure script, or do you think this is a problem with the mplink wrapper script?

I also wonder whether or not my WINE install might be the problem. I’m running Ubuntu with wine 20050725 (the binary I got using apt-get). Which distro and wine version are you running?

First of all you do not need to change anything in the code to get the 2006 code to compile for the 2006 controller, all you have to do is change a couple of things in the make file.

In the Makefile change the PIC to 18F8722 and the ARGS to ARGS=-D_FRC_BOARD -O+ -nw=2066. You do not need to install to /opt/mcc you can install anywere you want. For example I installed into ~/.wine/drive_c/mcc18 if you want to do that change the LIB CODE and INCLUDE paths to where ever you installed. I dont remember if I had to add or take out anything in ALL_TARGETS and INCLUDE_FILES but if you get an error from the linker about a file not being there add it. The reason why the code will fail sometimes is because he has gcc check deps to fix this add -D__$(PIC) to the line starting with cpp. Anyway I probably confused the hell out of everyone so ill post mine below.

#This is automatically generated by the configure.py script
#Keep your dirty hands off
#Run ./configure.py to generate a fresh one.
PIC=18F8722 # Don't change
ARGS=-D_FRC_BOARD -O+ -nw=2066

ALL_TARGETS=user_routines_fast.o ifi_startup.o ifi_utilities.o user_routines.o user_Serialdrv.o main.o 
INCLUDE_FILES= ifi_default.h ifi_utilities.h user_routines.h user_Serialdrv.h delays.h ifi_aliases.h 
############ Targets: 
default: FrcCode.hex

#Remove all the individual file backup (The files ending with ~)
#NOTE that this does NOT remove your tbz2 backups!
	@echo -e "Removing all the ~ backup files your annoying editor makes..."
	@find . -name "*~" |xargs rm -f

#Removes all compiled files from the directory
clean: clean-backup-files clean-deps nohex
	@echo -e "Cleaning compiler intermediate files..."
	@rm -rf *.o *.err

#Remove deps folder
	@echo -e "Cleaning dependency folder..."
	@rm -rf .deps
	@mkdir .deps
	@touch .deps/dummy

#Remove hexfiles
	@echo -e "Cleaning linker output and hex files..."
	@rm -rf *.hex *.cod *.cof

#These all start the IFI Loader.
safeload: prettycode clean check load
load: FrcCode.hex
	$(IFILOAD) FrcCode.hex $(SERIAL_DEV)

	@echo -e "Monitoring $(SERIAL_DEV) for data"
	@echo -e "Output will also be logged to $(READLOG)"
	@echo -e "---------"
	@cat $(SERIAL_DEV) | tee $(READLOG) || /bin/true
	@echo -e "Using indent to autoformat your .c and .h files..."
	@indent *.c *.h
all: clean FrcCode.hex
%.o: %.c
	@echo -e "Compiling $@..."
	@echo -e "1.   Checking Dependencies for $@"
	@cpp -nostdinc -isystem $(INCLUDE_PATH) -M -MP -D__$(PIC) $< -MF .deps/$*.deps
	@echo -e "2.   Launching Compiler..."
	@$(MCC18) -p=$(PIC) -fo $@ $< /i\""$(INCLUDE_PATHW)"\" $(ARGS) 
	@echo -e "Done with $@."

	@echo -e "Linking..."
	$(LINKER) /l\""$(LIB_PATH)"\" \""18f8722.lkr"\" $(ALL_TARGETS) \""$(CODE_PATH)FRC_library.lib"\" /m\""FrcCode.map"\" /o\""FrcCode.cof"\"
	$(MP2HEX) FrcCode.cof

	@echo -e "Creating Dependency Makefiles..."
	@mkdir -p .deps
	@touch .deps/dummy
	@echo -e "Done!"

include .deps/*

As for the ifi-pictools has anyone got code to load on the 2006 controller? The numbers roll but I dont know anything is being loaded onto the controller.

Sorry about the delay guys. I’m at Siemens (our build site) with the beloved John Dong right now, we’ve updated the configure.py script for the '06 stuff.

Put http://adambots.gotdns.com/adambots-2006/camera_demo/configure.py in your project folder, then run it with “python configure.py” to generate Makefiles. Re-run it every time you add/remove c/h files from the project.

I figured out my problem. The configure.py script depends on gawk, and I didn’t have it installed. Once I installed gawk, everything works great. Thanks to everyone for your help and your code!

Two things, first have you gotten it to load code with the ifi-pictools or have you made code changes to that also? Second, I was thinking why not have the script read the project files from MPLab and use that to set everything(PIC type, CFLAGs, etc)? Once it reads the file it could ask the user if they want to use the ones imported from the file or edit it themselves. I was going to do it myself but I dont have any time(playing with the camera too much heh)

wow, i have never made a thread that lasted this long. I’d be doing devel work off my MacLux computer if i could convince myself to for over for a USB-Serial converter.

Rock on *nux nerds!!


Where can I find this now?

Nevermind. I managed to fix it. Working configure.py attached. Do the above stuff (part 2 was excluded) to get it working. I made it compatible with both RCs, and also made it make clean when you run the configure. That can be disabled if you have a slow computer. Set CLEAN near the top to False.

Run ./configure.py old to make it build for the old rc.
Run ./configure.py alltimers to use FRC_alltimers.lib.
You can mix both for the expected effect.

I can’t test upload till morning though.

configure.py.tgz (2.87 KB)

configure.py.tgz (2.87 KB)

This link is dead:

But I found this one…

Ahh… never mind. I see now that you posted a link to the updated version.

I was getting an error while linking …

Error - could not find definition of symbol ‘Serial_Char_Callback’ in file ‘./user_SerialDrv.o’.

But I figured out that the function had been deleted from user_routines_fast.c

It is compiling and linking just fine now.

We found that mcc18 doesn’t work with recent versions of wine. One of the changes made between 0.9.18 and 0.9.19 seems to be the culprit. So you may want to stay with 0.9.18 or older.