I Want To Find A Robotics Team

I want to find a robotics team. I was on a team before, but I am now moving to a new school that doesn’t have a team. Where can I join a team. Do I have to go to that school to be on the team. I live in Warren, Michigan.

FIRST has a page set up to look for teams. It looks like there’s 5 in your town!


As for having to go to the team’s school, the policies on that are going to be different for every team and school district.

I would recommend going on thebluealliance -> the Teams tab -> Search Nearby -> your location.

Here are all the teams near Warren, Michigan:

It looks like there are almost 100 teams within 20 miles of the 48090 Zip Code. Start here, and start reaching out. I’m certain there are a few community teams in the mix.

Off the top of my head, teams 5555 (Fitzgerald High School) and 818 (Warren Consolidated Schools) are both from Warren.

If I were you, I’d try contacting those teams and seeing if they’d allow you to join.

Oh man, I actually used to live in Warren too!
I know that 818, the steel armadillos, are out of warren consolidated schools, and they’ve always been super nice. I say try and contact them or another team in the area and see if they’ll let you join. I think they’ve had members in the past who weren’t from WCS too, so you might have a good chance with them! If not, then there might be a community team in the area, just keep looking and don’t give up!

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