I want to have a rookie nationals!

It would be cool for all the rookie teams to get together and have a competition of our own. See what rookie team’s did well and talk among all the rookie teams around the U.S. and o ya don’t forget the Brazil.

I would be a very cool thing, but also very hard to pull off.

There are a few non-first run competitions (iri, sweet repeat, to name a few). However, there would be a few problems besides just getting the event up:

  1. Because you would be inviting rookie teams, most likely their budget is going to be less than an older team. Therefore, they most likly would want to use the money which they would use in this competition on attending another regional / buying other stuff.

  2. Becuase these teams would be from across the country, it would cost a lot just to transport people / lodgeing. See pt. 1 for why rookie teams can’t spend a ton.

Not to burst your bubble or stop you from doing anything, just that it would be hard to do.


Also, if it were to be a “rookie” competition then there would be all new teams there every year. To me that does not sound particually good, for like organizational reasons and the like.

Maybe some “pre-competition” only for the rookies every year? How does that sound? Hard work for sure, but it would be great, something like the rookies practicing and volunteers of the other teams helping and stuff… :slight_smile:

How many rookies got done early? Heh.

It wouldn’t be too bad to organize…if you had the same teams organizing (but not competing in) it.

It would be something like, one or two more practice days, only for the rookies. It would be nice, but… maybe a little bit expensive, wouldn`t it?