I want to use 2 strip neopixel but i can use only 1

hi, when i light one strip neopixel (rainbow or one colour) it works, but when i add second strip it doesn’t work and gives me stacktraces error but im sure it right.

Is this off the rio? Now i have limited programming knowledge but I am pretty sure the rio can only handle one strip… we ran ours in parallel this year to combat that issue. Maybe you could try that?

@veg would know more

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what is rio


oh really? im afraid i cant ran parallel, is there a way to get rio to be handle 2

You’d want to connect them end-to-end to have one long strip, which you set different parts of to different patterns.

they on robots opposite sides

is rio cant handle 2 :cry:

Correct, the RIO can only handle one. But a really long daisy chain should work.

okey i’ll do it

am i need to make a different on code?

If you want the 2 strips to look the exact same you could run them in parallel electronically

I can confirm that the rio only has one LED driver on board, therefore only one PWM port can be used to control LED’s.