I want wallpapers for the 2019 game!

Does anyone have or know where I can find some high resolution wallpapers of the 2019 game: Destination Deep Space? 4k preferred, but not necessary.

Thanks! :cool: :smiley:

FIRST will release a DLC pack at the same time as the game teaser. Those usually contain official wallpapers. Unfortunately that likely won’t be until September or later.

Ah, I have to wait that long! :eek: :yikes: Good to know.

Here are some phone wallpapers:

I’m not a fan of waiting 6-7 months so these exist for desktops/laptops.

I made some random ones the other day with images from the FIRST Launch website just because I felt like it… they’re not the best designs but they exist I guess… https://imgur.com/a/5s9Dx37

These are pretty good, thanks for sharing!

^^ Thanks!