I was just wondering, "Do you still watch the Power Rangers??" (evil laugh)

Hey you guy and girls! I was wondering…"Do you still watch the Power Rangers?" hehehehe, (evil laugh) don’t worry my little brother (age 10) still watches it. uhm… don’t be ashamed, i watch it, it’s okay. But like twice a year! (evil laugh) muahahhaaahah,** lolz, yeap. -Fancy
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No but I used to love it when I was little I wouldn’t miss it for anything. But over the years it just got stupid and I didn’t watch it anymore.

Isn’t like Ninja Storm now??? I don’t know I haven’t watched it in so long. My faveorite ranger was the pink one, I think that I just picked her because pink was my favorite color back then.

Who watches Power Rangers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are onviously much better. :smiley:

(Recalls ten years of getting up at 7 on saturday to watch TMNT, and my TMNT halloween costumes, and sleeping bag, and random toys).


I used to love that one too. I even had one of the stuffed action figures when I was little. I don’t rember his name but it was the one that wore purple. I also had the 2 movies that they made.

Donotello! Although I’m not sure it’s spelled right. I did at one point forget the names but my little five year old cousin is really into TMNT now and he made sure I learned them all. :slight_smile:

yes, i watched them all. i dont have much time for tv anymore but always read the comics in the newspaper. too bad snoopy is gone now. i still love snoopy.

I rarely watch any Power Rangers, but I do love the Megazords and giant godzilla like robot enemies… It was great that BanDai made model kits and giant figures molded off of the Megazords.

I would love to see an original Japanese episode of it :smiley: .

Yeah, the megazords were definately what made the show worth watching. Even the toys are cool (especially this year’s; they have interchangable parts which spin and punch and a few other things, though I had to import one from Japan, stupid Bandai of America…). And they showed us a Japanese episode this season.

To answer the main question: watched through Space (Turbo was lame), saw this season they brought back the original green ranger, watched it, enjoyed it. They have writers and actors now. :smiley: I also got a chance to look back on episodes of the previous spinoffs, and they aren’t half bad. The recent ones seem to be less made for kids so people of all ages can at least follow it (though I still maintain that Space had the best storyline of them all).

A new spinoff premiers in a week. Barring an outstanding first episode though, I have no plans to follow it.

During holiday family-function#3 my little second cousins got a Power Ranger movie DVD and they were watching it. With lack of anyone interesting to talk to I watched it attentively with them. I was suprised… I got into it! It was one of the older movies from when they first came out. Go Go Power Rangers!

(Ok, bear in mind that I was in High School when this show came out :D)

I Hated the show for the simple fact that it was just a live action rip-off of Voltron.
(A gold star for all who know what I am referring to.)

But, I do have a little Brother and Sister, and they watched it all the time, and the only reason I would stay in the same room as them when they watched it was for Kimberly, the Pink Ranger… She was the only saving grace of the show, and one of my many TV crushes of that time. :slight_smile:

I was addicted to power rangers when i was lil. i really wanted to be the yellow azn ranger! YAY rangers!

hem Im a fan of PR…and I must say after reseraching the history of the show: the show PR was based on the japanese show(okey more like series)Sentai(Task force) with a partnership with Saban and now Disney I have been watching the Japanise show for a while and I must say how a kids live action show can have so much blood!
the series sentai has quite fanbase(it has to…to survive before the years of Starwars in 1975 ) http://www.supersentai.com/ should show you the background of the Series.

And while PR is cool for me.and Last season was a blast for old fans with the return of Tommy! now as the black ranger …and the special episode with the return of zeo ranger 5, the white ranger,and the Green ranger(with the evil laugh and the flute!)…and while transformable robot has been an amusing idea using from many years ago in animation…and still used today(tranformers energon optimus prime, Bruticus ,Constructicon maximus(aka devastator), and superion max.) and Voltron while yeah it was good this series was not a rip off of it… basically all series are a rip off of the first combing transformable robots show…which I do not remember which one was though…

Id ont know Pr has evolved…now it even has Matrix ripoffs…which is not much to say anyway.next series look promising!..with the exception of the alien dog but the ranger suit makes it worth while… truly!

Voltron! One of my all-time favorites! The original 5-parts-join-to-make-a-giant-robot Robot (with an attractive head :o )! I loved the show! Watched it when it was on Cartoon Network, and used to run home from the school bus just to catch its 4:00PM showing…Good times… I even got the action figure :stuck_out_tongue: ! They should remake the show :smiley: .
“Form Blazing Sword!”
Come to think of it, they never really released the vehicle Voltron series in North America…
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Aw heck, I always loved giant robots! Megazords are still the highlight of Sentai, Power Rangers, whatever to me.

i’m only 15 and i know what voltron is and it rocked i know what is because myolder brother told me about it and i used to rent the first episode all the time they did remake it a couple years back it was CG and later in that show they even made a new version of voltron which was black and more powerful but the remake kinda died and i loved PR i have 4 megazord toys and 2 of the really big zords

I still do. I still do. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning/evening cartoons are a bit of a habit that I have.

Yeah, but Voltron was a cartoon ripoff of Sentai, the series in which the Power Rangers are based off of (and really, in the early days of Power Rangers, the only non-imported footage was the stuff shot with the actors). In fact, the animation company who did the original Voltron series in the 80’s was a subsidary of the people who’d done Sentai since 1975. So pppbbbbbttttttt!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take my gold star now. :smiley:

And to repeat something previously said in this thread: Power Rangers has evolved from the early days of bad acting, imported fights, and using action figures for the zords into something worth watching (and you can write it off as your requirement for Saturday morning cartoons). I’d urge all old fans to check it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I second that.

As for the Power Rangers, I don’t watch much TV because I’m either playing video games or working on the computer. However, I did used to watch it when I was young. I thought it was a cool show back then.

yesh I use to be…but now I just think there stupid…but yeah…i use to want to be the CUTE pink ranger!!

When I was a little kid I wrote love letters to Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly)… Ah those were the days.

Anyway, the Ninja Turtles > PowerRangers! I loved them for a longgg time. I still do. I watched the first TMNT movie again a few weeks back when it came on TV. Actually I saw a comerical one time when my little brother was watching fox or something, for a TMNT PowerRangers spinoff that looked really interesting, but I never got the chance to sit down and watch it. To bad, cause I always loved sing the turtles in live action. Of course the TMNT comics are where the fun was at.