I would be remiss (and some other misc. comments)

Posted by Justin.

Other on team #t2k, None YET, from RWU and FIRST-A-holics Anonymous.

Posted on 7/11/99 7:16 PM MST

After reading all the other thank messages to the folks at Plymouth North, Mr. B and EVERYONE else, there is no way that I couldn’t write one of my own. I’ve been to the last 2 Rumble at the Rocks and they are the best competitions held. You guys do and awesome job, and you do it with the sprit of FIRST (gracious professionalism). This is my last year officially on a FIRST team I’ve been with PSNH/WHS Blue Lightning for the past 4 years and I’m not quite sure yet what I will do without FIRST…although I don’t really see this as an end. Thank you to everyone at Plymouth North and to everyone who is a part of FIRST or on a team anywhere.

A few other comments. FIRST has been an incredibly positive experience, as I believe it has for the others who post here. Yes it has its downsides (500+ hours and a caffeine addiction I’m still trying to get over). We are all seeing a lot of teams and great advisors/engineers/students becoming burnt out. It is my greatest hope that FIRST wises up to this effect and attempts to do something about it. It’s been such a great experience for me I hope that everyone behind me will get that experience as well. 2000 teams is a great goal Dean… just don’t run the teams u have into the ground.

See you all at Rumble at the Rock V,

A charter Member of FIRST-a-holics anonymous,