I would like help with creating a custom dashboard

Ok, so. I don’t know how to start so I guess I will start from the beginning. Right now I’m trying to make a custom dashboard, and when I build and launch it looks like this:

Does anybody know how I can fix it?

You probably resized the front panel on your computer and saved it that way.
Pretty much, what you see in the front panel is what your Dashboard is going to look like.

Open the project
Open Dashboard Main.vi
Reposition the elements of the front panel to fit in the original shape/layout.
Save, build and test.

You can also start again and just copy over any code of your own that’s been added.
As a first step when starting out with this, don’t resize or reposition the existing tabs or windows.
Drag and drop your new controls and indicators onto the existing tabs, and move things around within the tabs as much as you like.
Then when you get comfortable with that you can try resizing camera windows, adding tabs, moving windows about.

This is what the front panel looks like on the program:

I will try copying the code over though. Thank you

There are actually two frames there in that camera section you have selected , so the less visible one might have been dragged upwards by accident.
To be sure it isn’t some other odd interaction…
Start with just the default project and build that to make sure it looks right before you begin adding changes.

Then add some changes, check to see it still looks right, then add more changes and check again, and so on.
In case it’s one of the changes that’s responsible it’ll give you some confidence

I did completely rebuild the dashboard as you suggested, and I got this:

I rebuilt it exactly as you said. I did not change the sizes of the two tabs, or anything similar. Frankly I’m stumped as to how is is happening.

Do you know how to license your NI software?
Maybe the evaluation copy is causing some issues.
It’s adding that big Eval logo at the bottom, so that is shifting everything up and around.

I think you might be right

NI seems to have broken. My software seems to not want to activate even though I’ve used all the codes my team has been given, even the ones that aren’t for NI.

Your NI license key is only accessible to your registered Lead Advisors through the Lead Dashboard.
Team Options -> Payment & Product->Passwords/Voucher Codes
National Instruments - NI LabVIEW plus add-ons (Passwords/Voucher Codes:Bxxxxxxx)