I2C MR color sensor not returning any colors or reacting does anyone have any advice

Our modern robotics color sensor is not returning any colors and does not react. We tried team 997’s code as an example but it did not work we also tried other code that seems to work for vex and rev but not for I2C.

I think everyone’s going to need more detail to help you.

What code did you run? I couldn’t quickly find team 997’s code, and you said you used it as an example. What exactly did you run?
How did you wire the sensor?
What value does the sensor return?

Note that a quick look at the modern robotics color sensor looks like the API is different then Rev, so I wouldn’t expect their code to work. But that begs the question of why you chose to use this sensor rather then the Rev sensor in your KOP?

the link for team 997’s code is https://github.com/Team997Coders/TCS34725I2CRoboRio/blob/master/src/main/java/edu/team997/first/wpilibj/TCS34725_I2C.java. We wired over I2C with a 5 volt connection and our problem is that the color sensor is not returning anything.

The i2c commands in that class appear to be different then the ones on the modern robotics website. I wouldn’t expect it to work.