I2C tutorials

does any one know of any sites that have tutorials for getting started with the use of I2C?

Parallax, makers of the Basic stamp, is always a good place to start. Most of their code is in good ol’ PBasic, so it’s very readable.

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING THAT IS (oops caps) programed like a basic stamp, i wanna learn to do it the ol’ fashon way with plain old hardware so it will be more reliable and then i can learn it better

I’m not sure what you mean by plain old hardware. I2C masters will, from my understanding, come in 2 forms. Either it will be integrated into a microprocessor or you will use an I2C to serial (RS232) converter that will integrate with a microprocessor.

Phillips has a good application note that breifly covers several different types of serial protocols and then goes in depth about I2C. http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/acrobat/applicationnotes/AN10216_1.pdf You can got a lot of other information here: http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/markets/mms/protocols/i2c/facts/index.html

If you’re really interested in learning more, this class at RIT covers many different serial protocols and microcontrollers. http://register.rit.edu/courseSchedule/20051/03/01/664/01. Realize that it is a 5th year EE elective. So, even the slightest amount you learn about I2C will put you far ahead of your peers. If you do take that class, give Dr. Phillips my regards :slight_smile: