Ian McEwan, Susan Lawrence, Susan Lee

I would like to thank those people for their hard work, and determination they are putting forth to make FIRST robotics a large and viable competition in Minnesota.

Ian McEwan has set forth that he would like to see a local competition in Minnesota by 2007, and as many as 15 teams started up in the next year. (In a state where there is only 1 team!). Ian, and Susan Lawrence have been going out and approaching corporations seeking FIRST team funding, and have been hitting big.

Minnesota is home to some of the largest corporations in the world!

This could not have all been possible without the action taken by Susan Lee, who moved here from Michigan, and was appauled to see there was only 1 FIRST team. (ofcourse Michigan is home to LOTs of teams). She contact them, and Deam Kamen, who was very eager to see things happen in Minnesota.

I attended a meeting with the 3 tonight, as well as several local school supervisiors, to get the ball running on FIRST in Minnesota. Thank you all for working so hard to get this running. We should see several FIRST teams next year, and probably a regional in 2007!

Mr. Quick,
We have had some contact on the Hopkins forum. Could you give me an update on the progress of creating teams in MN?
Ryan Miller