IB and AP Study Goups at Championships

Hey there CD,

Brief background: UPS is comprised of two schools- one of which is an IB school. For those who don’t know what IB is, its similar to AP but implemented in a different manner.

For those who are taking IB tests or AP tests (or both?), you all know that the tests start immediately after championships. All of our IB seniors (we have no IB juniors) are missing a week of review due to championships and are planning our own study sessions (brief, of course) during championships (its not ideal, but missing a little bit of championships is worth a high college-credit-earning score).

Currently we’re just guaging interest. We can help with IB tests, but AP kids can use this to organize their own groups (if they so choose). If other teams/people are interested, we can figure out times and places (during lunch at a somewhat central location will probably be the case).

-Katie (on behalf of 1675)

How are you planning on holding the sessions? 100% of our team has AP tests, though I don’t know how the interest in a study session would vary. We have 12 2nd year IB juniors and a 2nd year IB senior along with a couple of 1st year IB sophomores. Our biggest concern is the IB English A1 HL test Tuesday, and the AP Chem test on Monday.

My guess? Few students will want to be studying. After all, it is our first time going to Championships.

AP Computer Science is on Tuesday, I believe - there might be a few interested in that AP test at championship :wink:

We have many people from our team in various AP classes and I’m sure if a big study session was held (especially for AP Calc and AP Physics C, we have the most people in those), many of us would be happy to attend.

I’m not 100% sure, but I figure we can meet up and break into groups based on topic of study.

My guess? Few students will want to be studying. After all, it is our first time going to Championships.

I get that. The LAST thing I’ll want to do is study. But some of my test have the potential to earn me a lot of college credit, so I want to do well on them. And to do that, I have to study. ::rtm:: I figure a half hour out my day (a good time to get some much needed rest and food) wouldn’t be bad.

I’m not familiar with the AP Calc and Physics curriculi, but I (personally) have an IB Calc and IB Physics 2 (third year physics), so I would be willing to team up :slight_smile:

If I do attend, I took the AP Calc exam last year and scored a 5, so I might be able to help out.

UPS students plan on meeting up (still unsure of a location) during lunch (12:15ish). If you want to join us, feel free and watch this thread for updates.

If there ends up being an AP Chem one and it’s not during our Chairman’s interview time, I’d totally be down… Chem is the first one on Monday! :eek:

The four seniors on team 316 took AP Calc and AP Chem last year if we can be of any assistance. I got a 3 on both tests, tho I believe the three guys got 4’s or 5’s on them.

We’re in the same boat, only we’re taking college classes and our finals are the Wednesday after Championships. and since we leave Wednesday morning for St. Louis, we’re missing most of our classes that week. Eek!

I’m taking the AP Chem and AP Lang tests the next week, and I’d like to set some time aside to study for both. How many people are interested in doing this right now?

There are four UPS seniors right now. Three of us are taking the IB chem (higher level) test, so we can help out/learn from anyone taking the AP chem test. We are all planning on studying (but really only during lunch)(two are drivers, one is pit, and one is media/runner).