ICCON Summer Rumble partial results

Posted by Joe Ross.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Student on team #330, Beach Bot II, from Hope Chapel Academy and NASA/JPL, NASA ARC.

Posted on 6/16/99 2:38 PM MST

On Tuesday, June 16, 12 Teams participated in the ICCOn Summer Rumble at the Aneheim Hilton. Dean Kamen gave the key-note address earlier in the day and then we had a small scale competition.

Team 64 came in first place with an average of almost 500 points
Team 60 was second almost 150 points behind team 64
Team 330 was third, just 1 average point behind team 60.
Team 68, traveling all the way from michigan, came in fourth but obviosly had the coolest design there.

They modified the rules somewhat, taking into account many of the things talked about on these forums.

First of all, The winning alliance had 300 points added to their score, instead of tripling. They also had a way to replace a non-functioning robot. The team with the working robot of the alliance got to choose one of the robots from the previous match to fill in. The fill-in team didn’t get the score recorded from the match.

These changes made for a lot more exciting rounds.

Joe Ross
Team 330

Posted by John Haney.

Engineer on team #158, Cobras, from Great Oaks/Live Oaks Campus and SDRC.

Posted on 6/18/99 2:02 PM MST

In Reply to: ICCON Summer Rumble partial results posted by Joe Ross on 6/16/99 2:38 PM MST:

There was a mistake made during the scoring at the ICCON Summer Rumble. I
miss keyed a number during the averaging of Team 68 scores. I was lost and useless
without my HP48s. Sorry about that, my apologies go out to Team 68. The final result
are as follows:

1st Team 64
2nd Team 60
3rd Team 68
4th Team 330

I would like to say thanks to all the teams who came to the ICCON Rumble. And a
special thanks to both Team 207, Hawthorne High School for loaning us their playing
field and Team 68, General Motors Truck Group & North Oakland County High Schools for
helping us with setting up the playing field.

John Haney
Team 158