ICYMI: New Encrypted Manual and other files Posted@6pmET 1/3

Heads up, FRC shared an update to Frank’s latest blog (https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/2020-kickoff-downloads) that there was an issue with some of the previously uploaded documents, including the encrypted game manual, layout and marking diagram, SolidWorks CAD models, and SolidWorks SimInsights.

Those files were reuploaded with the correct version as of 6PM ET on January 3rd. If you downloaded your manual before then, you’ll want to grab this new one.

Good luck today!



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I wonder what they changed that warrants changing the manual before they have the chance for a team update… Hopefully it won’t make discussions confusing, since this update was dropped kind of quietly.

I believe it was just a file issue, corruption or similar.

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Well, once the password comes out, we’ll be able to check the diff of the actual contents. :smiley:

Yeah I downloaded the old file and now whenever I try and download the new one on my tablet it’s just displays the old one. Looking for a fix rn.

The unencrypted files are not yet uploaded. The files currently on the field manual webpage are still encrypted. If you download the files to a computer using adobe acrobat (not just the reader), or other PDF managing software, you will be able to remove the encryption using the password.

I’m trying to download it on a tablet though

Is this one of the reasons?

Opponents sector vs alliances sector…

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No section on awards?

You can find the Awards section (along with all other game related materials) on the Game & Season Materials page under the General Team Materials section. My understanding is that because so much of the material is evergreen, FIRST found that it benefited teams to have that information available year-round.

(Disclaimer: I work for AndyMark, not FIRST, but I’m pretty sure I saw that explanation in a Frank’s Blog in the last few years)

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