I'd call this a pickle.

So, the deadline for payment is December 2nd (this friday, pretty much 2 days away) and my team is out $1,400. Unless a miracle happens, I don’t think were going to make it. Is it possible to get some sort of extension? What would you guys do?

Contact HQ with what’s going on. See what they say. Also talk to your regional director.

You may also want to have a “this is what we are doing/have done to raise the money” ready.

You’ve waited an awfully long time to pursue help in the matter. Next time, please don’t wait to realize you don’t have enough funds.

There area couple things you can do.

  1. Get in touch with the MAR people and with Don Bowers. Scroll down on this page http://www.midatlanticrobotics.com/who-we-are/ Don should be able to help you out.

  2. Also email frcteams@usfirst.org addressing your issues/current situation

  3. If the above two don’t yield results in time (which I doubt will be the case), consider using your funds for VEX this season. Use the year off to gain sponsors who can support your team and won’t let this happen again.

This is why FIRST is a year long fundraising effort. Please don’t wait until the last week to realize you lack the funds to participate.

Brandon if you guys need any help, drop me a line.

We tried emailing Mr Bowers (I believe thats his name?) and have no heard anything back yet. Is there a phone number or something for HQ?

I’m not actually in highschool anymore, I wasn’t aware of this until today. Otherwise this would have never happened.

And an email was also sent to frcteams sometime today. Thank you for the reply though. This should be a year round effort, unfortunately it never works out that way for us.

Understood. The team might need a fire like this lit under them to understand how important fundraising is. Mentors and alumni can’t be the ones who take responsibility for a team’s existence. If the students care, and I mean REALLY care, and want to compete, then they have to take things like this upon themselves.

Thats the problem we’ve always had… they seem to want to do it (We took the new kids to Duel, they loved it) but when it comes time to fund raise, few do. Its not all their fault, I never really agreed with how the program is run at our school. its very strange. Usually ends up with things going through one ear and out the other.

FIRST will accept a letter of commitment from a sponsor to pay these fees. If you can get a sponsor to commit to cover this amount, you should not need to have fees paid by the 2nd (though I am not sure on the exact date that fees would be due if you use this method).

team 2229 faces similar situation every year… it appears that we’ve pulled together funding for this year, now we’ll just need to race to get the check to manchester in time…

I’m sure every team has this problem from time to time, we’ve experienced it in the past months. It may be a little harsh, but apply a, if you don’t help earn some of the money, you can’t reek the benefits like going to a competition. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy to get the commitment needed. Just my views on it, this do not reflect the views on GUS.


Tyler eluded to an important factoid earlier. If you are rushing to meet the deadline and are worried about making it, contact FIRST and tell them your situation. Communication is key when deadlines loom.