Idea: FIRST Flash Games

My team had an idea in which past FRC games could be made into flash games. Players could assign different controls for each motor, and autonomous could be a list of buttons to be pressed. Robots could be customizable, with different types of drive trains, arms/elevators, attachments, etc. There could even be a multiplayer functionality.

This was just a team idea, but we wanted to hear everyone’s opinions on this.

Personally, I’d like to be able to play Lunacy™ on my computer!

That would be pretty awesome. Kinda like the 5th Gear games but a little more customizable…I like it. I also would be FIRST in line if they ever released a console game for them :smiley:

I absolutely love this idea.
Flash games would work, but maybe even using Unity like this team, Team Titanium 1986 did for a logomotion simulator would be awesome.
Good luck, i can’t wait for a finished product

I remember playing an Aim High flash game…wish I saved the link…

I believe you’re talking about this?

I can’t seem to find the actual game itself, though…:confused:

Nah, I found that one through google too, but its not the same one. This one, although also from the top, had 2d graphics, looking more drawn. It was also embedded in the browser.

I found these three on CD white papers from 06:

I wonder if anyone has tried making a FRC game in a AAA game engine. Cryengine 3 anyone? Source would be the most readily available right now, but in the future…

Unreal Development Kit anyone? It is a free kit to create games.

All good ideas! Since it’s the summer, I think this would be a fun project for any team! Try it out if you’d like! I think we’re going to start with Breakaway, and move down from there, since the 08-10 games were some of our favorite.

Yes please.