Idea: FRC New York State Championship


Although New York doesn’t have a district system, would a state championship competition be well-received by NY teams?

This is still just an idea. I’m thinking that due to the lack of a district system and lack of recognition of FRC as an official NY state sport, this would be a multi-day offseason event after FIRST CMP, sometime in May/June.

Pros of having a state championship:
-Teams would get to compete with teams across the state, since most teams tend to stay to their own regional competitions within NY (downstate teams tend to compete at downstate regionals, and same goes for upstate teams)
-There would be a higher level of competition for NY teams that is higher than regionals
-NY teams who don’t make it to FIRST CMP would still get a chance to compete at a higher level of play and with more teams and would get a championship-like experience
-Collaboration between NY teams across the state would increase and NY teams would get to be closer together, as more of a community, since a lot of NY teams are divided by downstate vs. upstate currently
-It would be another chance to compete, because who wouldn’t want to compete more?!

Cons of having a state championship:
-Teams would have to find funds for another competition
-Teams would have to arrange for transportation and possibly hotel accommodations
-There would be a lot pf planning and preparation from volunteers and teams to create such a large event for the many NY teams
-Funds would have to be raised to host this event
-A mid-state location would have to be chosen for this event to accommodate both downstate and upstate teams

What are your thoughts on a NY State Championship?


The MSHSL hosts a state championship for Minnesota. I’m sure you could steal a couple of ideas from there, but you may want to look into some changes with seeding as there is some debate on whether it should change or not.


Maybe take a look here?

Summing NY up: Teams do not like to have to travel long distances.


I’ve read that thread, and I do know that the biggest limitation to having a NY state championship is that teams would have to travel far. I experience this in my own team. We are on Long Island and only compete in downstate regionals, such as SBPLI, NYC, and HVR. However, with a state championship event, I feel that teams would be more inclined to put up with the long distance to compete in this one higher-level event, once a year.


In which a state championship is an event of all NY teams. I would be down for it. Could meet teams from Buffalo to LI that i didnt know about.

Now how do we go about in the funds? How do we split the total, get all separate organizations to work as one?


Funding an event of such a large scale that would encompass all NY FRC Teams would require a large sum of funds, and probably a committee dedicated to the event alone, that would include all the separate organizations in NY FRC into one. Since this is still an idea, doing that would take a lot of planning in the future.


We in WOW have a “championship” that is an offseason invitational. Unfortunately, many of the top teams decline each year for various reasons (travel costs, turn around time from Champs, etc.) but it is still a great event!


I have talked about possibly putting on a multi day off season event, similar to battlecry. In theory we said the first year could be a 40 team max and run it possibly at cny.
But the biggest problem that came into play was when would you host the event

Host it in June you interfere with regents, host it in May and people are burned out from champs or recent comp season end.
Host it in the fall and you’re more likely not having multi-day and teams will not travel far for the event.

Host it in the summer and you have the issue of many schools not allowing teams access to their robot. I know a few teams in nyc and li who have trouble doing summer events because they can’t get to their shop.


A couple of thoughts for you to consider:

  • here in MN, we have a partnership with the state high school league for the state tournament. It gives teams recognition within their school, and makes States a big deal (in some cases, it’s seen as a bigger deal than Champs!). This is our 8th year running it (this upcoming weekend!) and we have never had a team turn down an invitation, despite the proximity to Champs, finals, graduation, etc.
  • there’s a summer off-season in Duluth each year. They manage to keep costs way down by working out a deal with UMD - for a relatively small fee (compared to hotel costs), students and chaperones stay in the dorms. Coupled with holding the event at the host high school, my team can attend for just a couple hundred dollars, and that includes travel!

If you have any questions about how we run our event, I would be happy to answer them!

2019 events, weeks
  1. TVR
  2. CNY, FLR
  3. HVR, SBPLI 1
  4. SBPLI 2
  5. NYC

If NYC is moved to week 5, the state CMP could be at week 6 or 7…

If all events were moved one week ahead with NYC being in the same week as SBPLI 2, there are 3 weeks open.

But of course I’m just a student, on a team, not on the planning committee. It may not happen but i just want a place where Buffalo meets Long Island.

Edit: Honestly, i also want to see the upstate regionals be spread out more. Usually, they’re done by week 4. If upstate could have one in week 5 with no SBD, things can really change.


If this is an unofficial event (as all non-DCMP state championships are), there is zero chance FIRST will support the event during the official season. And I can’t think of a recent game field I’d want to try to replicate to full field specs with my own hardware.


why not just make it an off-season…?


There are teams that are one and done; dont do offseasons; etc.


Like Bill said, FIRST would NOT support this event during on-season


And if that’s the case they most likely wouldn’t do a state championship.
As explained in the countless district threads. If an area switched teams have the option to not do district champs, and even can attend just one district event.

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I like the idea of FRC becoming a NY state collegiate certified sport and my team engages and supports/participates in activities leading to this goal. I will say that I am against NY becoming a district. The exposure we get at regional competitions like Tech Valley and Hudson Valley to teams we otherwise would not see is priceless. Additionally we register for off season events like BattleCry to get exposure to the New England teams who have become great friends to the Gears. As a teacher in a “sports centered” school district I like the idea of Robotics taking its place among school sports but also have heard valid opinions that it would spoil it and FRC is great the way it is.

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