Idea: I'm-not-really-here-mode?

Alright, so I was about to leave Irmo tonight, when a mentor asked me to post a question on CD. I was about to, then I realized that by logging in, I’d either have to read all one bajillion new posts, make them lose their new status, or wait until I got back to Preston to do my thing. (I chose the third option.)

This led me to thinking…is there a way to keep new posts from automagically being marked as non-new?

Maybe if you just don’t go to your user cp?

I’ve found that works in the past.

and am completely in agreement w/ ya!
cuz i’ve logged on to CD to post (stupid gyro) questions, and realized that all the new posts would go away, and then was in a dilemna!


When that happens to me, I just bite the bullet and scroll down the portal. I may miss something, but if it is important enough, it will make it’s way back up to the top of the list. And I will catch it.