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I am looking at improving our team data management before kickoff and I was wondering if any teams used anything to store and present general robot ideas on a shared cloud platform. I am currently looking at softwares such as Bright Idea or Ideawake. Please share your thoughts.

We don’t have anything formal. Past teams have done Trello boards, but you could share a Google form or do sticky notes on the wall if you wanted to start off low-effort.

Our team just uses a couple of whiteboards and we take pictures of these to upload to our team google drive. Not to flashy but gets the job done.

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Get a large post-it easel pad. 1 concept per sheet. Post on the walls/cabinets/old robots as needed. Photograph as necessary.

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We use Discord and to a lesser extent Trello for ideation when we are not together.

If your team already uses Slack (or any of its alternatives, for that matter), that’s your best archiving tool. I can’t stress this enough: the system you will use is the best system for you.

If your team uses Slack, document your data there. If everything is done in Google Drive, keep it in Google Drive. The fewer tools that team members need to stay on top of, the more likely they will stay on top of the essentials.

If you’re using something with channels, adding #Prototyping or #RobotIdeas or something can be a great place to brainstorm. Just be sure to remind people who brainstorm elsewhere to take their ideas to those channels.

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