Idea solution- My thought

1 ) ZIP Codes :
61126 - Rockford, Illinois.
62 326 - Colchester Illinois.
This state of Illinois in the U.S…
They were invented in 1963.
These numbers Folndromim :
8234/57 = 144.45614035087719298245614035088
61126/1963 = 31.139072847682119205298013245033
62326/15806 = 3.9431861318486650638997848918132
Here you divide the number .
Other Parts all three results out number : 179.538
This approximation of the 180 which is the weight of a mole .
The weight of the element H2O is 0.18 gr
And that water.
2 ) 61474:135 , 12661:1963 , 32662:15806

Take the first three numbers in every pair and out dates :

Date Sunday - 03/26/1962

Date B - 26/01/1961

Date Tuesday - 14/06/1974

On Sunday John Stockton is born basketball player and first all time in assists - 15 806 assists.

On B. Wayne Gretzky was born is a hockey player and the assist largest number - 1,963 assists.

On Tue born Steve Harrelson is a football player and has the largest number of assists - 135 assists.

Three dates of birth of three people playing in three different sports , but three world champions in assists .
And because he has been football and basketball I think of ice hockey … That was not something that was similar
In addition, the ice is a type of frozen water on the condition that it also belongs somehow.
I’m trying to move forward with it … How he found for fun what should be the clue.

Theres already a thread or two that are discussing these topics over in the rumor mill section. They arrived at the same “assist” clue a few days ago. You might want to go check those out and read through the 400 replies there. Dont need too many threads!

JUST try to say …