Idea: Toggle new window openings?

Alright, I know this one isn’t going to happen for a minute or two (which is cool–you’ve gotta upgrade sometime), but is it possible to have an option to keep links (and pictures in CD-Media, and profiles, and other things that do the same thing) that currently open a new window from opening a new window? It would seem like a good idea for the tab-a-holics around here (32% of users used Firefox in May, plus another 3% with Safari, plus however many from the other tabbed browsers that I don’t remember being tabbed).

Or at least it made sense to me.

A quick fix: set FireFox to open new windows in a new tab… or click on them with middle-click (if thats set up to open a new tab)?

In the long-run, I’m not sure how easy this will be (for non-CD-Media things).

Remind me after we’re upgraded.

In Mozilla, you can right-click and click on the “open link in new tab” option available. Or are you looking for an easier way of doing it?

Or maybe I misunderstood the question :o


The problem is that there is no simple, browser-compatible way of specifying a new tab that I know of. IIRC, you end up using javascript.

Download the extension Tab Mix Plus and you can set a lot of things to open in the same tab or a new tab in the same window…
its great and can be used to do a bunch of different things…if you are on windows i think you can also middle click a link and it will open in a new tab…that might be part of another extension i have tho

With Firefox, you can middle click on a link to open it in a new tab - no special extension required. :slight_smile: