Ideas for Cheesy Arena 2018

Cheesy Arena is a FMS re-implementation that is used at Chezy Champs, Beach Blitz, Capital City Classic, and Madtown Throwdown, among other events. We’ll be starting work on the 2018 version soon, and I was hoping to get some suggestions on how Cheesy Arena could improve over previous versions and the official 2018 FMS.

For example, some areas we could do differently are:

  • Audience realtime scoring overlay
  • Match intro screen (Cheesy Arena doesn’t currently have one other than a shrunk version of the overlay that doesn’t show the scores)
  • Final scores screen
  • Potential new screens to help with FTAA, queueing, etc.
  • Switch/scale LED patterns
  • Sound effects (match start, power up played, etc.)
  • As proposed elsewhere, making it such that if you hit the E-stop in autonomous then reset it, you regain control at the start of teleop

For reference, here are screenshots of a couple of the screens as implemented for 2017:

Thanks for your ideas!

I’m sure you heard this one already, but having the ability to shuffle alliance members around in playoffs would be really nice. (Blitz 2017 had some minor issues associated with that one…)

Not sure if this is currently available, but a cycle time tracker (last match/overall average) and/or “ahead/behind” indicator could be useful. That way the field crew know they can take it easy on reset, or need to push a little extra hard. Everybody likes an event finishing on time (not early, not late).

If you introduce A-Stop, I will fly to every event that has Cheezy Arena just to experience the glory.

Assuming Chezy Champs is doing the beloved professional robot pictures again, it might be nice to see those pictures in a pre-match display replacing the avatars (corndogs) or alongside them.

An option for “switches rule” matches, where both switches can score for your side of you own them.

Also be able to add integers without rounding errors (grumble)

Avatars would be nifty. :slight_smile:

and bummed I (probably) won’t be at any events utilizing Cheesy Arena this season. Guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through github :P.

Someone already created a feature request on GitHub

But to reiterate. A version of FTA Notepad for Cheesy Arena would be awesome.

Also +1 for Avatars

Display the “points per second” each alliance is gaining from the scale and switch.

+1. Maybe even a score vs time graph like TBA has

I’m sure I’ll think of more but for now:

  • I would love to see manual schedule support (upload a CSV, for example). If you generate the schedule and then have to reset the teams list or something, you may not actually want/need to regenerate.

  • Resizing sponsor logos/general more advanced features for dealing with those slides. Rearranging them, too.

  • And, of course, the cameras should hang themselves up, the SDI cables should tie themselves down, and the totes should all pack themselves at the end of the event. Oh, and the field should build itself, if you’re really taking requests.

This is a sound effect request to be played when a team activates the levitate power up. I feel like it would fit right in with the cali vibe lol

…I feel ashamed I didn’t think of this first.

Some on my list:

  1. When the LED strips got moved into the inside of the scale, the patterns didn’t change. Go ahead and make things like Boost symmetrical so it looks cooler. (I don’t think you want to change the light patterns significantly for this, just for consistency. Though if you figure out a way to make the time remaining on the powerup obvious, maybe it’s worth it.)

  2. Call out the just-played powerup on the screen, especially if it’s a Levitate. It’s not easy for GAs to spot that immediately, especially if it’s a one-cube situation on the far side or something like that.

  3. Say it with me: “Quarterfinal A, Match 1.”

  4. Ref tablets get a specific foul button for launching, so that we know when a robot sent it.

I’m sure this is on the list, but please make sure that the colors align with the corresponding alliances on screen. Even certain Champs divisions messed this up, and I’d hate to see it repeated.

Start with having tablets for the refs. IIRC, there are 3 tablets with Chezy Arena. Manual scorer (auto line, climb) x2, and Head Ref x1. Fouls are entered by rule and by team, on the Head Ref tablet, after the match.

If I were to make a suggestion… 2 (or 4?) more tablets, for the refs. Enter foul/tech foul by team. HR at the end sees the inputs and indicates which rule, which overrides the input from the in-match entries as far as penalty. Would need a “wave-off” button on the HR tablet in case a penalty got waved off.

An alliance selection screen that allows the following to be shown on the screen simultaneously:

  1. List of the current 8 alliances
  2. List of teams that are still available to be picked or be a captain (maybe a line through teams who have declined already)
  3. Room to show the camera feed of alliance selection.

I’m not a fan of how events currently have to switch back and forth between the list of available teams, the list of current alliances, and the actual feed of selection. It’s hard to follow for both the audience and the captains on the field. It seems natural to have all the info on screen at once. Here’s a mockup I made a while ago that uses VRC alliance selection screen as a basis. If I was designing this from scratch, I’d definitely play with the layout for ease/intuitiveness of readability, but this gives a good idea of what I think is needed.

Change the endgame sound to the Mario 100 seconds left jingle

That’s super clean.

Only thing I’d change is to have the alliances displayed like:
8 7 6 5
1 2 3 4

instead of
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

Since I think it’ll display the snake draft a little better, and it’ll most likely match the positions of the alliance reps on the field

This is also an optionn

Screens to better utilize the 4th position in the multicam layout. Champs this year had a 4th camera but rarely was that view useful.

I’d much prefer to have information about the teams playing, score graphs, rankings, photos of each of the 6 robots cycling, etc. Something that helps people that may not be following the whole event understand more of the context of the match.

Right now if you just turn on an event stream, you really have very little information as to whats even happening. I’d like to improve the experience for casual and new fans of our sport. Some this should also be accomplished between matches.

Match Start
Teleop Start
Levitate (but I can’t argue with using Kendrick here either)
Force (play for all 10s?)
30s left
Match Over
Final scores displayed