Ideas for last minute Christmas gifts for non-FIRSTer in your life?

Don’t know if you are like me, but I just realized that tomorrow is Christmas! I guess I should buy the family something! So to my CD family, here is a question:

What to buy the “Robotics Widows or Orphans” of your life? Because between Kick-off (aka FIRSTmas) and Championships, I’m pretty busy, as I’m sure many of you are!

I don’t think they would want another hint, a Flux Capacitor or a Left-handed screw driver, so I’m thinking:

  • Gift Certificates to local restaurants - I guess they have to eat, even if I’m not there to cook
  • A pound of Coffee - So they will be happy to see you when you get back at 2 AM
  • A good book - I’m thinking “The New Cool” ::rtm::
  • DVD of some non-nerd movie, like “The Notebook” - No, it has nothing to do with your Engineering Notebook

What to you recommend to give the person who has everything, but you, during the build season?



Honestly, i would just get them something they would really enjoy, as with any gift. I can’t think of a good gift that would apply to somebody i don’t know, so i can’t really help you there.
It’s probably late now but maybe build them something?!

I got my wife a divorce for Christmas :slight_smile:

A necklace made from left over sprockets?

A life sized cardboard figure of you?

Polycarb-and-aluminum “diamond” ring?

(But in seriousness, if you are capable of making something with aluminum/etc and can do it fast, make a gift! Necklace pendants aren’t too hard. Gifts from the heart are always the best.)