ideas for pushing friahbees to the tires

can u give us an idea how to push frishbee from droping machine after that i gonna drop in circle box and then to something to push or anything…without pnumeatics please give us an ideas asap thanx …

I don’t know your specific circumstances, but Servos or other small motors are usually pretty good if you’re trying to avoid pneumatics.

Like we have almost same robot as robot in 3 days but they used pnumatics to push but we dont want pnumatics to us that can i have more ideas…

A linear actuator would accomplish the same thing as a piston, but not require pneumatics. Maybe that would help.

But how u programme this thing

What language are you using?

You could try using a cam or similar device. Here is a link to video of the one we are using. I will hopefully have a video of the final device in the next few days, with a limit switch at the back of the travel to stop it after one cycle.

we are using LabVIEW

we are using LabVIEW