Ideas for Robotics scholarships criteria

To the FRC Robotics community:
Are there any teams that provide scholarships to graduating seniors in their program?
If so, what kind of criteria do you folks use?
Any ideas that you are willing to share?
We dont want to award students just because they were on our team.
We were looking at awarding $500/student, if they qualify somehow.

Brief background of our team:
-We dont always get new students on our team as a freshman, even though we try hard to recruit when students are in the 8th grade. We dont deny students who have an interest in our FRC program at any grade level, provided they can meet the requirements of being on our team.
-We average roughly 20 students per year in our program.
-We never have students that drop out willingly. We have a few that sometimes drop after a year or two, primarily because of other scheduling conflicts, sports, etc. But this is very rare.

Thank you.:smiley:

Team 1676 offers two $500 scholarships to graduating seniors each year. Go to to see the application form, which has all the criteria.


Team 116 seniors who have been on the team for two or more years are allowed to apply for the Griffen O’Brien Memorial Scholarship. I believe the only “criteria” is that they have had to be on the team for two or more years. All entrants must write an essay and fill out an application. These are then judged by the school (and possibly the O’Brien family as well, unsure). One senior is awarded this.