Ideas for using the NI USB-6009 DAQ device

As the lead teacher/mentor for our team, 499 Toltechs, I met with a small sub-set of our mentors this evening to discuss potential applications for the pilot on our team.

Here is what we developed as plan A.

We attempted to implement optical shaft encoders on our drive train last year. We just about got that system tuned when we damaged one of the encoder discs and had to abandon that effort. We plan to use the DAQ to help tune that application this season.

We also decided in our post season discussions that if the game requires some type of multi-jointed arm that we would construct a mimic controller and use PID as a closed loop control system with potentiameters.

We realize that the DAQ has enough I/O capacity to sample nearly every device on our robot. :yikes:

Anybody else have some pre-kickoff conceptualizations? & willing to share :stuck_out_tongue: