Ideas on Expanding Outreach

As the season is coming to an end for many of us, it’s time to start thinking about the offseason and outreach for this coming year!

In order to help our fellow FIRST teams diversify and broaden their outreach, students from team 461 have put together a website with outreach ideas and curriculums. Feel free to use any of the resources and pass them on!


This is great! Thank you!

It should be noted that the outreach will help this year to solve such tasks as

  1. Increase brand / company awareness
  2. Attracting targeted traffic
  3. Building up the direct link mass of the site
  4. Creating a “airbag” for the reference profile
  5. Improving the visibility of the site in the search for promoted keywords that can be checked through services such as
  6. Formation of demand for a new product / service
  7. Growth of orders / sales

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