i need idea for a robot anyone help

not really a mechanical person, But every year I give my team the same idea for a robot.

A trained monkey wrapped in tin foil! Somehow powered by the battery.

thats awesome thanks lol

Powering him with the battery is the EASY part.

put a battery in the banana.

No offense, but you probably won’t see anyone posting ideas this early. You may get some general ideas as to where people may be going in their design. This is a competition after all.

Try looking at pictures from recent games with similar attributes. Maybe I can help:

2002 (Zone Zeal)
Robots had to score soccer balls into mobile goals.

2004 (FIRST Frenzy)
Robots had to score playground balls into both stationary and mobile goals.

2006 (Aim High)
Robots had to pick up poof balls and shoot them into an elevated goal.

i think a good place to start is what you want to do.
make lot of points
help team mates score (by pining)
getting the super cells to the human player.

then find out for each one how you do it.

for making points do you want to shoot balls or dump balls,

For what it’s worth, robots were not allowed to score the playground balls in 2004.

Yeah, I know. How are we ever going to get him to use those regulation wheels…

you guys are no help dont tell me this is a competition duh everyone knows that i just wanted ideas shot down that ppl came up with:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

our idea involves wheels

I have a great idea, the rules only say that only the wheels specified can touch the floor why doesn’t some body go way over budget and build/buy a helicopter.

team 123 has this idea

I think everyone has been quite helpful, monkey sarcasm aside. What might help us is if you added a punctuation mark or two. Capitalization isn’t required but is a bonus.

But honestly, go back and look at the designs from '02, '04, and '06. There is a book called “aim high” that you can find in many book stores that has a lot of fantastic '06 designs in it.

I would say evaluate what all the tasks are with lunacy.
Once you evaluate all of them, come up with different ways to complete those tasks. And then you can come up with different design ideas. That is all I have to say because it truely is a competition and that’s the fun part of it . . . coming up with your own ideas and making them become a reality!! :smiley:

We’re not here to tell you how to play the game. A good part of the challenge is finding your ideas and developing them, finding what works and doesn’t work, and improving on your designs. Now the advice Andy gave you is very good- there are aspects of this competition to be found in many competitions past, and CD is a great resource when researching previous designs- but it is just a start. We can’t build the robot for you. I’m sorry if it sounds mean, but I feel this defeats the purpose of FIRST. It’s frankly not very inspiring to have your work done for you.

I wish you and your team the best of luck at your competitions and in the future.