Identify the Connectors

We’re finishing up our prototype bot before Christmas but I have no idea where to get some of the connectors:
What do you call the cRIO Power Connector:

How about the Digital sidecar Power Connector:
Along with those two I need to get some Anderson connectors, where might these three be available?


  • Alex

2 pin is WAGO 734-102
4 pin is CTF040V8

Thanks! Would those happen to be available at regular electronics shops?

Unfortunately they are kind of specialty parts so not likely, you may be able to get them at digikey.

You can get all three at AndyMark
AM-0295, AM-0296, AM-0456

keep in mind that you will need 2 of the cRIO connectors… one for the power supply board, one for the cRIO.

Also to note… the new Compact RIO (4-slot) has a different power connector. I’m not sure about the 2012 Power Distribution board. You may want to wait and find out, so you don’t have to have 2 orders.

Correct, 4-slot has a different connector(2 connections instead of 4). Ours came with the connector.

It is unlikely that a local shop in Calgary might have these. A local supplier that sells Crio would but they may only deal with PO accompanied will call orders. First do a search and then make a call if there is a local supplier. AndyMark carries them because they are to find.

Thanks for all the info. Could we use some kind of single pin connectors to duplicate the functionality of these connectors? It doesn’t have to be pretty, we would just like to get this thing running before Christmas.

EDIT: I just went downstairs and broke open a PWM cable. It looks like the metal connector inside will work fine :). Do all PWMs have the same metal connectors encased in the plastic, and will the wire be large enough gauge for powering these two pieces of electronics?

  • Alex



What happened to the connector the cRIO came with?

As a result of the “New cRIO’s don’t work 'til kickoff” situation, I borrowed this one from the other team in Calgary (Thanks Bishop Grandin, 1482!). What they did with the connector is anyone’s guess.

I don’t think they are the same diameter as the PWM cables. As my daddy was fond of telling me…Use the right tool for the right job. Since everything in that little box depends on power why screw it up over the lack of the right connector.

Does anyone know what the new 2 pin power connector on the CRIO II (4 slot) is/where to get a replacement?

It’s available from AndyMark.