Idiots guide to programming

Ok, i will try it out when i can and get back to you if there are any questions.

Also, what is TimedRobot vs Iterative?

Iterative bases the loop timing on when it receives packets from the DS, timed keeps the loop timing consistent via the FPGA clock.

You should always use timed.

Take a read through that.

The WPILIB screensteps are a great resource that will answer almost all basic FRC coding questions. When you get to the bottom of a page, click the "Next: " link. By the time you reach the last page, you’ll know just about everything you need to field a competitive robot.

At a minimum you’ll need:

  • a battery and main breaker
  • some kind of power distribution system (like the PDB you have or a PDP)
  • some kind of “brain” (roboRIO, cRIO, arduino, HERO board, thrifty throttle, etc)
  • 4x motor controllers
  • (maybe some kind of radio for wireless communication)
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What Ari said for controls. I would also get a frame opening kit, or at least the cross plate if you have the other hardware, to stiffen up the structure. Churros keep things the right distance apart until they bend, but won’t do anything to keep the frame square.

Will 4 sparks work?
Victor SP needed?

Any motor controller will work if all you need is basic control. SPARKs will work; so will Victor SPs. There’s a list of all the legal motor controllers in the game manual.

Can i just use 4 sparks?
I’m looking for the bare minimum because of the limited amount we have.

As I said before, you need:

For the motor controllers, you can use 4 SPARKs. You will still need the other stuff.

Oof, i didnt see that. Sorry!

How does the PDB connect to Rio?
If no radio, ethernet control?

Give it a 20 amp breaker and plug it into one of the terminals on the side.

You can plug Ethernet straight into the RoboRio if you need to. Looking at your team number, you should have a bunch of old routers around, though. The D-Links will work if it’s just for an offseason robot.

Yeah, we have a bunch of radios aside.
TIL that we only have 2 PDPs and a max of 4 rios.


The predecessor to the current radios.

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Havent seen any of those lying around in our shop

To make matters worse, my mentor told me he didnt have any of the clips left for me.
(The things you put on the end of a wire and crimp them then connect them. I call them clips as they clip together. Whats the real name?)

Anderson Powerpole probably. You can get just the housings off McMaster if you need urgently

There’s a couple of other possibilities too; crimped spade connectors fit the bill (as long as you have both types of spade connector).

Regardless, there are a LOT of ways to connect two (or three, or four) wires together, depending on size, voltage, and current, as well as available tools. is one of them… but a tad expensive (but reusable!).

True true but he did say clip together which makes me think of Anderson’s

True. But… Anderson PowerPoles are NOT the only type of clip together connector, nor are they the only type that’s suited for FRC use. :wink:

(If you really really want a secure connection…MilSpec connections. Also a great way to go over the robot weight limit and cost limit. But they’re screw-together mostly.)