IDW files

Is the idw. extension in Inventor not compatible with anything? I can’t seem to convert it to anything, and I’d like to print it out somewhere that doesn’t have Inventor. I can’t find a viewer for it either! Seems like a pretty stubborn file. Any way I can get it into a more standard file?

You should be able to very easily save the drawings as industry standard DXF or DWG formats from the Save As dialog. You ought to be able to find plenty of free DXF or DWG viewing programs. Autodesk offers one themselves, I believe.

When saving the Inventor DraWing file (idw), there is either a dropdown list in the save as diaglog that would let you select the file format, or there would be an export option in the file menu of the drawing. idw, as far as I know, doesn’t have converters, partly because it is Autodesk’s own format just for Inventor. But dwg and dxf formats are used more often. You can download a dxf viewer from Autodesk’s site. I think there are also Inventor viewers, but I don’t remember what they do, where I found them on their site, or much. But you could take a look and see what you turn up.

M. Krass, thank you, I don’t know why I didn’t see that before!