IE is confusing me :(((

Okay, so for some reason, on certain computers, the IE version of our home page is cluttered/messy and simply is not fitting properly. However, on other computers, the IE version of the site works perfectly.

Firefox however, works perfectly, regardless.

Is it the IE updated version, or is something with the coding? Please help! :ahh:

Maria Deslis

It looks the same for me in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

I believe what you are seeing is certain browser configurations rendering the markup differently. I ran the code through a validator and found that there are many elements out of place.

This will cause IE to display differently.

Try and clean up the code and see how it renders.


Try and fix all of the errors that show up on the validation page. That can fix some problems like this. If you need any help, or don’t know what these errors are for. You can PM me and I can help ya.

Thank you so much you guys! It really did help when I used it! I finally figured things out thanks to that validation code! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help. :slight_smile:

Things are now running smoothly in all browsers.

Do you guys know what browser the web judges check the site in?

No idea personally. I would say that you might want to check older versions of IE for sure. It’s notorious for not being standards compliant, and I had similar issues a couple months ago. Also, I noticed you’re using XHTML. I talked to someone a few weeks ago who does web design professionally, and it turns out that a lot of errors W3 spits out are bogus in XHTML. Here’s what I’ve got from him in an email:

The majority of the errors and warnings being displayed there are bogus. The validation engine is trying to parse your script section as html. Notice in the first script section of your page, there are html comment tags ( <!-- and -->) surrounding the whole script section, just inside the script tags. This will cause the html parser to ignore everything between those tags. Your second script section does not have the comments, and so the W3 parser is incorrectly trying to evaluate the validity of that section as if it were html, which it is not. Put the comment tags around that script block as it was done in the first one, and you will eliminate the bulk of the errors.

Then you can start working away at the remaining validation errors.
A few real errors I noticed are:
</img> - image tags do not have closing tags. remove the </img> tags.
id=“about us” - id and name attributes cannot have spaces in them.
id=content - attributes must be enclosed in quotation marks.
<img …> - image tags must have an alt attribute. The alt attribute specifies the text that will be displayed in place of that image on a text-only browser.
<tr></tr> - this table row has no cells. You need to put the same number of cells in every row of a table. Remember a <td colspan=“3”></td> is 3 cells.
bordercolor="#…" - although this was valid in previous html specs, some attributes have been removed from the latest html specification. Others include “border” on img tags, <font> tags, and others. In these cases you should instead use CSS styles to apply those attributes. This can be done by using a style attribute like so: style=“border-color: #…; border: none; font-face: Arial” and so forth.
href=“"target=”_blank" - you need to put a space between attributes.

Also, use conditional statements if you’re still having trouble. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at explaining them, so perhaps someone else could do the honors, or maybe a little research is all you need.

I’m judging for the Chesapeake regional, and I’m mostly using Firefox on my Vista laptop. If something appears strange I’ll take a look in Safari 3, IE 7, Chrome and Opera 9.5 though. I did run into one site while grading that worked perfectly on Safari 3 only, and did not work correctly on any other browser. (So 95% of Windows users could not use the site properly)