if anyone has any pics of 233

any pictures of team 233 from any competitions this year that have not been uploaded to CD (this means during awards ceremonies, matches if we happen to be in it, or even just like in the picture in some way lol) could you email them to me at [email protected] ? m collecting more pictures for our end of year scrapbook. Thanks.

I have 2 pictures of your robot, one at the autoloader and one scoring on a goal. Kinda weird how the only pictures of any competition or robot action I got during the whole weekend were of you guys. Anyways, Ill email them to you today sometime.

I have a few also, I’ll send them tonight :slight_smile:

Actually, I just came on here asking for the same thing. I didn’t have a chance to really see you in action until the elimination rounds and I was absolutely blown away at how fluid your robot seemed to work. So, I am so disappointed that I didn’t make it to your pit to see it for myself up close and get any pictures.

So, a couple of questions:

  1. Are you going to IRI or any other events where I might be able to see your robot?
  2. Do you have any pictures on the web or that you can send me?

Thanks. Great job on your robot. It looked incredible.

thanks for bunches of pictures. if you find them keep sending though lol. and to answer a question about other events…
we are not sure if we are going to off-season events yet (as far as i have heard…) though it is always possible. i sure hope so though…im not ready to leave FIRST. :frowning: leaving FIRST is the worst part about graduating…lol anyways i hope to be able to tell you more soon.

I have tons of pics of pink 2005 team since the robot rodeo. At UCF and the Championship I did not have much time to be a photographer, so I handed the camera off to my mom. I am pretty sure Mrs. Passmore and some other members on 233 have a bunch of my pics either on a CD or on their computer that i have taken earlier this year. feel free to contact me.

Thanks for the comments. To answer your questions, we are trying to make plans to go to IRI this year, and of course we will be going to Robot Rodeo during the late summer. If there are other invitational offseason competitions that are fairly local, we will do our best to attend.

As for pictures of the robot, we do have a few on our website, and we will upload more in the near future. For those of you who really liked those “Teaser Pics” I posted earlier this year, I have several more that I wanted to post on Chiefdelphi, but opted not to, since I wanted more people to visit the website. But if you guys want any of those pictures, I will be more than happy to send them to you; just private message me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

So…I looked around on your website (nice recruitment video, BTW), but couldn’t seem to find any pictures of the robot…

And…I so hope you make it to IRI…

I can email you all the pics people have sent me. there are lots of our robot in action :slight_smile:

(Im still so sad about leaving FIRST…ive been depressed ever since sunday when we left atlanta…:frowning: )

If you want to, that would be cool. What I would really like is pictures of the internals of your beautiful robot, if you feel comfortable doing that.

i dont think i have any pictures of that…though there might be some of those on our website. if you didnt figure out how to get the photo gallery (beause our webmaster hid it without putting a direct link) there are buttons on a green thing on the left side and you press them. pics come up and it says view entire gallery and thats what you click on. tonight if i get a chance ill send you what i have on my computer. :slight_smile: