iF could use some help

For anyone who doesn’t know, the spirit of FIRST has sparked several non-profit groups that have set out to help FIRST teams. They would like to keep teams from going under as well as start new teams. As of right now, they are trying to create a traveling toolbox which will allow teams that participate in regionals and possibly even nationals to check out different tools that they don’t have and need. Overall the idea is fantastic.

The only problem right now is the lack of funds and support. If anyone can talk to their group leaders it would be fantastic. Any help you can offer would be ideal. As of right now, iF is looking for people that will volunteer their time to help out teams in need, tools for their “traveling toolbox” project. And also money to not only keep existing teams from falling to financial debt, but also to spark new teams that hopefully will prosper in the FIRST world.

Any support you or your team can offer would be fantastic. Also, if you know of any sponsors not involved in FIRST it would be very appreciative if they could contact iF. Thank you.

If you’d like, you can send any interests or the like to me and i will relay all info, or you can contact :

Leon O. Machado IV
[email protected]
Home: 508-697-3528
Cell: 508-982-4690