If Google TRULY supported FIRST...

So for the past few years Google, and this year YouTube (aka Google) has been showing up at competitions and the championship and declaring their support for FIRST, they sponsor teams, and I think they have done some good things for FIRST. However all of this is just lip service compared to what they COULD do for FIRST. I’m not talking about a bout a billion dollar donation (though we wouldn’t turn that down) I’m talking about something very, very simple but with the potential for HUGE impact. What? Two words Google Homepage. As we all probably know Google frequently uses the logo on their main page to highlight special events, holidays, etc. that are occurring on a given day. In my opinion if Google were truly seriously about FIRST the FIRST logo would be integrated into the Google Logo (which would be pretty easy to do, just use the logo and add a tail to the diamond for the g) during the days of the championship in Atlanta. Think about it how many billions of eyes would see that in a given day and more often than not if people don’t know what the logo means they click to see and suddenly HUGE publicity for FIRST across many countries. I can’t think of a single reason why this can’t happen. There is also precedent for this type of thing because the Olympics had a different logo each day of the 2 week long event all we are asking for is 3 days. If anyone can think of a reason this can’t/shouldn’t happen post below I’d like to hear it.



The trouble with that is it starts an alarming precedent that other groups would want replicated in their relationship with Google, that Google may not want to have.

No offence at all, but it is not one of Google’s priorities to have regional as logos. I think it is completely pointless seeing as regional are not big events that require billions of eyes’ attention. I am not denying the fact that it would be a great day if it happened, but I am saying that you must walk before you run and that maybe we should start with a nationals logo first?


Me likey!!! That sounds like a great idea, and with fair warning, I doubt they would have any opposition, unless there’s something else important going on, however LordTalps does have a point.

He suggested going with nationals to start (at least how I interpreted it).

And if NASA **TRULY **supported FIRST they would put a triangle/circle/square on the side of the space shuttle. It would be pretty easy to do, they already paint stuff on there, whats some more ink gonna hurt? Think about how many billions of eyes would see that in one launch and more often than not if people don’t know what the logo means they can look just write a URL too.

Maybe because it’s borderline logo standards violation? FIRST does have logo standards (sorry, I’m not sure where to find them right now), and using the logo the way you suggest would come awfully close to a violation (I think). Just putting the logo on there might work.

I know at least for our team (1676), when we were sponsored by Mercedes-Benz USA, they just waived the usage forms and everything for us. Maybe FIRST would make some kind of exception???

I suggested it to them last year, but nothing ever happened with it. I don’t think logo standards would be an issue (FIRST would probably be more than willing to work something out for that kind of exposure). Regional logos are probably out of the question (how do we determine which regionals get displayed), but the Championships would be feasible by my estimations. For all we know, they may be working on it currently.

stop ranting please:)
i think it is a great idea and if they did it it would be very good publicity for first. but we have to get it started first.

everyone who wants it to happen you should contact first or google and tell them.

and someone find out if there is anything happening that is already on the google homepage during the championship.

p.s. i found the google logo person, his name is dennis hwang. email him with your suggestion at doodle@google.com.

everyone that reads this post should email this address because if they get so many of them they might consider doing it.

pps i agree that you sound like you are angry at google. they do not owe us anything. they help because they want to.
if you ask nicely they might say yes.

Google supports FIRST. Please don’t act as if you (and by extension, FIRST) are somehow entitled to get a certain amount of support from Google. Google is giving its support because it wants too; it isn’t obligated to give any support. I am glad for the support we get from Google and other companies.

Sorry if you this was not your intention, but the post sounded a bit childish/spoiled to me.

I definately agree with LordTalps. While it would be an amazing way for FIRST to get publicity and one I personally wouldn’t mind seeing used, it would definately start a snowball effect for Google from other corporations/organizations that want their logo on the Google homepage. I think its a great idea, but much more thought has to go into first…


Okay a couple of clarifications.

1- I wasn’t suggesting that there be logos for all the regionals, just nationals which is only 3 days.

2- In terms of the logo I think that if Google went to FIRST and said “hey by the way we want to do this” I would HOPE that FIRST would see the enormous benefit to them and wouldn’t squabble over use of the logo.

3- Sadly more people probably visit Google in a day than ever see a Shuttle Launch.

Everyone makes good points though I know it is a little pie in the sky and we are sadly probably to small for Google to care but still the founders have been to our competitions they know what’s up.

Thanks for the input, keep it coming,


I think it’s a small thing to ask and I can only assume that no one’s thought of it before.

I suggested it to FIRST last spring, for kickoff. Didn’t happen.

Great minds think alike.

Google sponsors FIRST. Other groups are not sponsored by Google.

Also, whenever you ask why something doesnt happen in the business world, it comes down to money. If Google were to host the FIRST logo in its logo, and when people clicked on it they were brought to a FIRST page we would have thousands and thousands of people looking at our program. But think of how much time that would not allow people to click on Google’s ads, use their products, etc. Business decisions come down to cash. If Google can afford it and do it, the will look socially responsible, ie. trying to get students involved in technology.

Speaking of Google, we didn’t get any cool toys from them this year…

actually this is not true. The Google Foundation (http://google.org/) sponsors many organizations. In this case, there is a very real possibility of all these organizations asking for their logo or special recognition. This is a very good reason for Google NOT do this, however it shouldn’t stop us from asking.

Spamming Dennis Hwang is probably also not the solution. He gets many many emails a day, and is almost certainly not authorized to do this.

Sounds like a good idea. I don’t know if it could happen but I like it.

Actually, if you remember, we had to do some things over because the logo was not used correctly, but they were gracious enough to foot the bill, since the expense was significant.

MBUSA does NOT own the rights to the logo, so they wouldn’t and couldn’t approve any non-standard usages.

For a company, their logo is one of the most important things they own, and any non-standard usage sets a legal precedent that dilutes the logo’s value and defendability.


I think Google does a lot for FIRST. Last year they GAVE each team a camera. To some, that was the only camera they had. Thanks to google they could document their progress. This year they are google is probably helping more behind the scenes.
Sure people like Mr. Kamen, Dr. Flowers, and FedEx are visible, but there are so many behind the scenes companies and people that do a lot that is not visable this year, Google seems to be one of them.
If you ever find yourself doubting Google’s support, type FIRST into google and see what you get. That is definatly some great support.